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Google’s new page rank algorithm According to the article, there are about 3.8 million search queries everyday, and Google uses a search algorithm to collect and arrange results on these search. The rankings of these search results are subjective and favors bigger companies than smaller companies. The page rank algorithm was supposed to be objective and mechanical in terms […]

Google Allegedly Manipulates Search Algorithm

WSJ: How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results The Wall Street Journal did an investigation on Google’s search algorithm. Google consistently claim that they do not interfere or manipulate their search algorithm. They claim that they have a ” hands-off, the algorithm-knows-best” approach to their search algorithm. For instance, Google says […]

Network Effects and Antitrust Intervention   The Forbes article brings up the idea of antitrust intervention regarding online businesses. The article states four reasons of justification for antitrust regulators to step in when it comes to online businesses. This comes from how companies are using catch phrases in regard to online data collection of consumers. One of these catch […]

Online Rumor Transmission and Information Cascade As the researchers pointed out, the Internet and online platforms have dramatically changed the speed of the spread of information. In particular, their proliferation has increased the spread of online rumors. Having around three billion online users globally, comments and opinions are exchanged in an unrestricted way, which “potentially can propagate numerous negative online […]

How Does “Rich Get Richer” Widen China’s Wealth Gap?

With the booming economic in China recently, the wealth gap also widens in a much rapid speed. In an article posted in South China Morning Post, Ruan claims that as the rich get richer against a background of party privilege and corruption, the widen wealth gap brings a real threat of social unrest. For example, […]

How Snapchat Gained Success By Going Viral At High Schools Across Los Angeles This Forbes article examined the viral growth of Snapchat and the role of LA high schools in that growth. According to the article, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel had primarily pitched the app to college students and other young adults in the California area. But, the app only caught on when high schoolers in LA […]

Instagram Likes – Hidden? Instagram is testing the effects of hiding how many likes a photo has from everyone except for the person who posted the photo, and even they now have to dig a little bit more to view the number by clicking on the mentions of people who have liked the photo that still lies just […]

Information Cascades Following the Mueller Report

Sources: Copy of the report:   On April 18, 2019, a redacted version of the entire Mueller Report was released. This report details the findings and conclusions drawn by special counsel Robert Mueller following his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Despite being an important and influential report […]

Network Effects and The Strategy Question at the Center of Lyft’s IPO This article discusses the filing of Lyft’s IPO and the newly developed competitive strategy that it will have to undertake to continue its growth, especially with major competitors such as Uber. This article also highlights how network effects among the drivers and passengers of Lyft are the most important to the company’s success. Lyft […]

Rich Get Richer Phenomenon in Bitcoin   This paper uses the publicly available transaction data of Bitcoin to build an econophysics model that analyzes degree distributions of nodes in the network. Bitcoin is a relatively novel system of currency that differs from traditional currency systems in that it is completely decentralized. The transaction history of each piece of bitcoin is […]

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