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Facebook Dating and the Network Effect This article, published by the Boston Globe and written by Max Jungreis, analyzes Facebook’s much-anticipated entrance to the market of online dating apps. And to put it kindly, the author and the world, was not impressed. The reason being not enough people are using it. Despite Facebook’s massive user base, Facebook Dating is an […]

The #GoogleGlass What is Google best known for? Probably its search engine, napping pods for its employees, and giving your friend a summer 2020 internship in their software engineering department. What is it not known for? The Google Glass. The Google Glass was a creation first unveiled in April of 2012, when it boasted its ability […]

Fabricated Reviews on Amazon and Information Cascades

Recently in the course we have discussed the concept of an information cascade, a phenomenon in which people make decisions sequentially, and are influenced more by others’ decisions as opposed to their own private information when making a decision. In particular, people infer the private information of prior decision-makers based on their choices. As we […]

Data Network Effects in Healthcare This article describes the application of network effect theory to the healthcare field.  Healthcare startups that have just recently formed often struggle to obtain the amount of data that they need in order to feed machine learning algorithms with the goal of improving patient outcomes.  One example of this is Mediktor, a symptom-checker startup […]

Game Theory In Soccer

Explaining soccer shot-making with game theory When a striker tries to beat a goalkeeper and score a goal, he has a choice of shooting at the near post or the far post. The paper looks at the 2002-2003 Italian Serie A games in an attempt to model the choices of where the goalkeeper should defend […]

Rich Get Richer in US Higher Education   The article In the Admissions Game, the Rich Keep Getting Richer details the manifestation of the ‘rich get richer’ model within the context of college admissions in the United States. The discussion begins with an explanation of the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s decision to remove a provision from its Code of […]

Applying Cascading Behavior to HIV prevention: a case for Nigeria

Article Link: When analyzing the role Cascade theory and clusters play in the real world, we are shown the multifaceted nature of the possible applications that can come from this rapid dissemination of information. Though applications of cascade theory are wide ranging, the article I chose focuses on the HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Nigeria […]

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich This informative article discusses one of the many crazes that are happening right now: the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. For about four dollars, you get a typical chicken sandwich with a Popeyes twist to it. The craze started off during the summer, where people were lining up at Popeyes chains in order to get their […]

How to grow your network effect

How to grow your network effect The key commonality between the world’s most successful companies is their network effect— the idea that, with each additional user of a product or service, the value of that product increases. This phenomenon can easily be seen with the invention of the phone. When phones were first invented, not many […]

Diffusion and Media Censorship Recent news has it that in China, two people from the Inner Mongolia province and traveled to Beijing were diagnosed with pulmonary plague. The plague is highly contagious and can be transmitted through in-person contacts via droplets in the air. While prevention measures have been immediately implemented to check the diffusion of the disease, […]

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