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TikTok: An Epidemic  TikTok is an app that can be somewhat compared to Vine (rest in peace). It has gotten extremely popular over the past year, with roughly over 750 million downloads. For the youth, it is arguably one of today’s biggest wasters of time and destroyers of brain cells. Even a fair amount of college educated […]

Riots, revolutions, democratization, and information cascades

In the Economic Journal, Chris Ellis and John Fender, economics professors from the University of Oregon and the University of Birmingham respectively, discuss the nature of information cascades and how they can be used as a model to analyze regime change. Examples of revolutionary regime change written around the time of the article focus on […]

Effects of information cascades on collaborative decision-making

In lecture we covered the topic of information cascades.  A situation where a group of people would guess, in order, about the state of something using private information and the guesses of other people, after a number of consecutive guesses the other peoples guesses will out weigh private information and one guess will become dominant.  […]

Information Cascades in Real-World Professional Settings This article discusses the phenomena of information cascades and information based reasoning about said cascades. This article discusses the topics in a big business sense in how many executives, rather than make decisions solely based off of numbers and their own ideas, will make choices simply because a competitor is doing that thing. The […]

What Lil Nas X can teach marketers about creating fame One of the hottest songs of the summer this year was “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. It’s not immediately apparent why this song exploded to the level that it did. Campaign US says, in an article titled “What Lil Nas X can teach marketers about creating fame”, that it was use of […]

Examining Naver the Korean Search Engine

If you are entering a market with a Googly-only search strategy in South Korea, you are limiting youself to audience reach. This is because South Korea has another popular search engine that most Koreans use, Naver. It’s estimated that Google holds between 70% and 85% of the South Korean search market, with challenger and South […]

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