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Range of network effects This article discusses the danger that many incumbent companies in a market face when network effects are a strong driving factor in their market share. Often as soon as a company’s network effect diminishes, its market share and profitability will plunge, allowing for a new company to rise. Initially, the article compares two markets: […]

Selective Exposure, Social Media, and Cascade Activation This article, from the Journal of Communication, is about the impact of selective exposure through social media on online information cascade. Traditionally, there are huge gaps between the segments of content production and content viewership. Information online does rely heavily on different methods to attract publicity, one of which is content sharing via social […]

Google to Restrict Targeted Political Ads

According to this New York Times post, Google has made a policy change promising to restrict targeting of political ads based on public voter records or political affiliations. As the article states, this has shaken up plans for the digital campaigns of the 2020 election. Google has announced that candidates will be able to target […]

Fashion Information Cascades and Friends-Based SNS

In this research paper, two researchers examine the friends-based SNS (social-network service), involving social connections formed through shared interests for a certain product. They can be thought of as clubs of buyers, where members exchange information about products and share preferences with each other. The network operates by allowing users to add their friends, families, […]

Word-of-Mouth in Personal Networks and Community Networks The study, Word of Mouth, Observed Adoptions, and Anime-Watching Decisions: The Role of the Personal vs. Community Network, focuses on diffusion in different network levels. The effects of other people’s adoptions and word-of-mouth are quantified on consumer’s product decisions. The personal network, which included friends, and the related adoptions and word-of-mouth was studied in […]

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