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Rocchio Algorithm vs. PageRank The above link directs to an overview of the Rocchio Feedback algorithm, which I was immediately reminded of when we delved into PageRank. Both are in the domain of processing and updating information; it makes sense that the seeds for both algorithms came out of Stanford. In the way that PageRank updates a given […]

The Challenges of Scaling an Online Platform

The given article talks about what may go haywire if the expansion of a network is not maintained properly over time.  The article says that without any robust curation, an online platform may lose value as it grows over time. It argues that because the users create value in an online platform in most of […]

Uber for Poop In Dakar, Senegal most people can’t flush their poop away, so people have septic tanks that need to be emptied pretty often. There are two solutions, either you hire a « baay pelle », a person that empties the tank with his shovel and bucket, and disposes of it in the street, or the more expensive […]

Can rankings of Web Pages influence our thoughts?

Search engines are being used at an all time high and the rate at which they are being used will only increase as time progresses. Although most of our searches can be found within the first few web pages that appear, what kind of pages begin appearing after that? Of course, anyone with common sense […]

PageRank in the Wild

Link: The article discusses how PageRank is used to determine which species in a food web are the most important and would, therefore, have the most impact on the other species in the web if they were to be removed by something like extinction. In this case, PageRank would be represented by the flow of nutrients […]

PageRank Application in Sports Performance Assessment

Source: While PageRank primarily serves as the algorithm driving Google’s search engine, since its creation in 1998 there have been multiple applications in PageRank in a variety of fields, ranging from biology to statistics. One of these applications is found in sports performance assessment, specifically the evaluation of professional athletes. Player performance is often […]

How is the Instagram Ad Cost per Click Determined?

Determining Your Instagram Ad Cost Per Click & Is It Worth It? 71% of U.S. businesses are now on Instagram. 65% of the top performing posts center around a brand. 80% of users follow businesses. With more than 800 million users on the platform today, getting your posts notified and engaging your targeted audiences are […]

A Special Type of Auction in the Trade War between the US and China

We’ve discussed several types of auction in class, from ascending-bid auctions and descending-bid auctions to sealed-bid auctions. Interestingly, there’s another type of auction that we haven’t discussed: a paradoxical auction known as the “dollar auction”, first coined by economist Martin Shubik. Here’s how this auction goes:   Imagine you have a dollar bill, $1.00. You […]

Cuban Missile Crisis through Game Theory

Networks Blog Post 2: Game Theory in the Cuban Missile Crisis   The Cuban Missile crisis was one of the times the modern world has come closest to war. Essentially, this crisis, which took place between October 16-28 in 1962, was a confrontation between the USA and the Soviet Union about creating ballistic missile bases […]

Confessions of a Google Spammer – Relationship to Link Structure

Confessions of a Google Spammer is a very eye-opening blog that tells the ups and downs of a google spammer a few years ago. The author made a fortune by link building around 2012. At the time Google’s algorithm has not been perfected yet, the author wrote, “I could literally rank first page for any keyword […]

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