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Baidu PPC’s ad bidding strategy Facebook’s and google’s ad bidding strategy are different. What would other internet company’s ad bidding strategy be? will they have any difference? This article introduces what ad bidding strategy is used by  Baidu PPC, the advertising system of China’s biggest search engine company, and what other factors affect the result of the selection of […]

Success and Centrality in Social Networks

In the business world, building a strong network presence is one of the main indicators of success. A person’s success in this field is almost completely defined by the people they know and how they use these connections to their benefit or to expand their network. While many people are well-versed in the skill of […]

Switch to First Priced Auctions? Lack of transparency in Second Priced Auctions

In lecture, we talked about how different variations of second priced auctions are used by tech giants like Google, Facebook to auction their advertisement slots. A second price auction (or it’s variation when buyer’s true values are not known and they are bidding for multiple slots at the same time) is a preferable option for […]

Comparison of Second Price and Random nth Price Auctions This paper discusses the difference between second and nth price auctions by taking a case study using tea. The study auctions tea with different label pricings on them with the labels coming from premium brands in Taiwan or others in China or Vietnam. The paper states that is traditionally known that second price auctions […]

Google’s Search Policy for Government Websites and How It Went Wrong

As stated in Chapter 15 of Professor Easely’s book “Networks, Crowds, and Markets, “ keyword-based ads show up on search engine results pages alongside the unpaid results. The keyword-based ads are ads created by advertisers that display the ad on the results page when a user types in a certain keyword. While these keyword-based ads […]

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