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PageRank Utilized for Boxer Rankings

Page rank is a very useful tool, not just for Google’s search algorithm, but for many more applications as well. Mathematicians often use the Google page rank algorithm for unique calculations. This past winter, it was being debated which iconic heavyweight boxer should be ranked higher between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. The same debate […]

Uber’s Driver Growth Tactics

Uber’s ride hailing service represents a classic matching problem. Customers need to be matched with a driver to reach their destination. Drivers need to be matched with a customer to drive. However, as Uber continues to improve their business, they realized a major issue: drivers abandoning the platform. Since their employees hold the decision of […]

Google Search Algorithms

Link: Googe uses several methods to produce the greatest results based on what you search. This article describes a few of the main filtering methods. The first is analyzing the words that you type in when you create a search. Not only does Google help correct spelling mistakes, but it analyzes each word and […]

Matching markets in the digital revolution

This Science Magazine article magazine written by Eduardo M. Azevedo and E. Glen Weyl is about how matching markets have been improved by the digital revolution. Their main example is with ride sharing apps (specifically Uber) and how it matches passengers and drivers much more efficiently than taxi cab companies do. The method taxi cab […]

Advertising’s Role as a Safety Net for Uber Drivers Suffering From Lost Fares

As more and more cities across the country are allowing the use of Uber – the ridesharing app that has swept the nation over the past decade – and other similar companies (Lyft etc.), the competition between these rivals is growing. As a result, their fares are constantly surging or decreasing in an extremely unstable […]

Quantum Graph Search v. PageRank   In this article, the Google PageRank algorithm is discussed; in theory, it is simple to understand but in practice, it is a lot harder to implement. The article mentions some “crappy” graph explorations that end up being NP-hard, meaning that it is essentially unsolvable. However, physicists have discovered a method that involves quantum […]

How Game Theory Can Help Crest and Colgate fight for the #1 spot

The toothpaste industry offers us a dental health product that is considered a basic life necessity. While there are a handful of brand names to choose from, Crest (Procter & Gamble) and Colgate (Colgate-Palmolive) dominate the market. These brands are most successful as they cater to diverse customer health needs such as Crest Pro-Health and […]

How Facebook’s Ad System Works

Unlike other websites where advertisements are placed somewhat randomly and out of the way throughout the page, Facebook’s ads are woven into each user’s News Feed instead. With this implementation, the advertisements appear less intrusive and less like an actual advertisement and more like organic content to users. As a fairly controversial topic, Facebook’s advertisements […]

The Best Approach To Search Engine Bias In the past few years, network neutrality support has gained significant traction in everyday life. Especially since the appointment of new FCC director Ajit Pai by Donald Trump, there has been a significant increase in following and support for this neutrality. Simply, network neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers like […]

Moral Quandaries surrounding Google’s Vague Attempt to Filter Fake News

In April 2017, Google announced a new initiative called Project Owl, meant to combat the rise of fake news on their search engine results. According to the article linked below by Daisuke Wakabayashi of the New York Times, Google has received backlash from web page producers and technology specialists alike. Producers of web pages, especially […]

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