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Matching Markets and Saving Refugees

Article Link: First and foremost, I would like to say that this is probably the best use of algorithmic matching in a real life situation. This is especially true since the system they have in place now is chaotic and not getting the job done. The reporter asking questions about how a “matching market” works […]

Splitting Profits in a Startup and WayUp

Link to article: Summary: As startups become ubiquitous, so does the need for those with backgrounds in business and economics in order to manage the cash flow of a company.  This article describes the various ideas to think about when partnering with others in a startup business.  The article begins by asserting that it is […]


‘Sandwiching’: How to outsmart Instagram’s algorithm to drive engagement The article I read describes a particular advertising strategy used on Instagram to increase the number of people who view certain posts. Instagram has a special algorithm when it comes to which posts are shown where and to whom. This is based on a number of […]

Game Theory in Edutainment

Teachers have been trying to engage students for as long as anyone can remember, but doing so isn’t always easy. With the advent of communication technology and its increasing relevance to students, teachers have been given more and more options to help their students engage with material. According to Marcia Powell, in her article on […]

VCG Auctions and Fake News

Senators have moved toward creating a bill that requires companies like Facebook to disclose who is purchasing their ads in light of a government investigation that revealed that groups affiliated with the Russian government had bought 3,000 ads during the 2016 election in order to sway voters through the social media platform. These ads pushed […]

Networks Exchange and the Rise of WeChat In the recent couple years, WeChat has taken its rise in China. The article remarks that as of December of 2016, WeChat has 768 million active users, which is a 35% increase compared to the previous year. In a country like China which has huge population potential, WeChat has used it to its […]

Take Me Out To A Ballgame

A recent start-up company, DropIt, has come up with a innovative way for everyone to win. Through a live auction during sporting events, DropIt allows individuals to bid for items that are displayed on the jumbo screens by continually lowering the price until a spectator swipes up on the DropIt app to claim the prize. […]

Second-Price Auctions in Reality vs. in Theory

In the article “Second-Guessing the Second-Price Auction Model,” the author, Esco Strong, argues that second-price auctions are problematic in real-time bidding marketplaces. This is because the conditions that are necessary in order for the second-price auction model to be effective are not met in real-time bidding auctions. The author argues that this model is only […]

What Really Makes Your Site Show Up First On a Search Engine

How to Get Your New Business on the First Page of Google Google is known world-wide as having the best search engine in the game, hands down, indisputable. Getting your website to show up on the first page of Google is an significant achievement, but just how does one do this? Theoretically, if a site […]

Medical School Matching

Match Day is coming up. Here’s how medical students game the residency system In this article Kunal Sindhu addresses the system that matched medical school graduate to residency programs. In short, medical students submit applications to and interview at various residency programs around the country. They then rank their preferred programs, and submit this to […]

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