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Transparency in First and Second Price Auctions

In class we have learned about the benefits of second price auctions compared to first price auctions. The dominant strategy in a second price auction is much simpler because the dominant strategy for bidders is simply to determine their personal value of the object and then bid that, whereas a first price auction’s dominant strategy […]

The author of The Filter Bubble on how fake news is eroding trust in journalism Eli Pariser wrote the book on the “filter bubble.” He described how a number of factors contribute to a lack of idealogical diversity in our media consumption. In this world, we are constantly being targeted based on what other sources know about us. As a simplistic example, think back to the last blog you […]

Bargaining and Distribution of Power in the EU’s Conciliation Committee /* With Cornell Netid, you should be able to access the article*/ The mean idea of this article is to find out if European Parliament (EP) and Council of Ministers (CM) are equally powerful “co-decision makers”. Since the European Union (EU) has moved towards bicameralism, making the codecision procedure is its most important mechanism […]

The History of the Infleunce of PageRanks

In 2016, Google decided to remove the visibility of PageRank on web browsers. Although web users cannot see PageRank scores anymore, PageRank is still an essential part of Google’s algorithm for sorting websites. What is the effect of superficially removing the number from the web browser? We must first take a look at the history […]

Increasing Traffic of Computer Science Majors

Link to online resource:   This usnews article speaks about the increasing popularity of Computer Science in colleges across the US. The employment of Computer Science majors is expected to grow by 19% by year 2020, given its recent rise in popularity. CS has become a popular major amongst many students because there is […]

How social media is hurting our knowledge and how Wikipedia is keeping information fair.

Many people have heard of the term “Fake News”, and many people feel that the existence of fake articles using their headlines for click revenue or manipulation of opinions are an incredible problem facing web users today. The problem is more then that though. The problem is not that information is outright fake; The true […]

Wired Limes and Fun Times: How efficient music sharing created todays Hot 100   Enter me, a completely impressionable young elementary school student. After years of being sheltered extensively, I learned that there was good music outside of what I had to learn on the piano. Electronic music, Pop music, Hip Hop, the list goes on and on! I was far too young to get a job […]

Concerns about the Accuracy of Advertising Reach on Facebook

Earlier this month, Michelle Castillo of CNBC wrote an article on how the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) evaluated Facebook’s advertising reach for viewable and pay-per-click ads. The VAB found that Facebook’s estimated user reach for certain locations was significantly higher than state census numbers for those areas. This discrepancy was especially heightened in major US […]

Second Price Auction in real life

Second price auction is an interesting form of auction. The dominant strategy is to bid your true value. Thus, it motivates bidders to bid their own value. We can view this in another way: second price auction is a way to figure out how much an item is truly worth for each bidder. You cannot […]

Criminals Taking Advantage of Adwords

For many drug addicts, the most efficient way to find treatment is to go to Google and search for addiction treatment facilities. For the treatment providers the best way to get customers is to bid for specific search words, and if they win the auction then their ads will be at the top of the […]

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