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The Price is Wrong: A Look into the Need for Price-Gouging Laws

I have no doubt in my mind that the laws of economics as studied by those in academia and research industries hold high validity, particularly when it comes to the way the world works. Humans are, after all, creatures of habit, so it makes sense that what we do and its consequence on the world […]

Graph of user interaction on eBay This paper discusses how the online auction users of eBay interact and create online social networks. The paper splits up the graph created by the users into three types: “the Trust graph, the Transaction graph, and the Undirected graph for understanding the key properties of the eBay transaction feedback.” “The Trust graph is a […]

RIP Google PageRank score: A retrospective on how it ruined the web

RIP Google PageRank score: A retrospective on how it ruined the web In 2000, Google released a toolbar that had a PageRank meter available for anyone to check the rank of a page on a scale of 0 to 10. This was removed in 2016, and this article critiques the PageRank system and the market […]

Ethics of Search Engines in Web Advertising

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, with over 400 million users. Regarded as China’s Google, Baidu is reported to control around 80% of Chinese online search market. When Western marketers think of entering the Chinese market, it is often the first marketing channel they consider, especially for paid search marketing. Similar to […]

Google’s Slow Takeover of Apple Products

Apple has decided to integrate Google Web Search into Siri’s capabilities to replace Bing. Apple prefaced this change by saying they were striving for more consistency in the search function across different platforms. A significant complaint users had of Siri was that Siri was “dumb” or “useless,” since she wouldn’t return relevant answers back to […]

Third-Party Sellers on Amazon: Increasing Sales through Advertisements

Since its inception in 1996, Amazon has transformed the world of shopping. Not only has it changed how consumers shop, but it has also altered the way producers sell and market their products.  For example, companies that sell items such as comedic graphic t-shirts, quote box signs, and other random knick-knacks now have the opportunity […]

Ad Options   When trying to get some new product or business out there with the use of online advertisements, there are many options to consider. For now, let’s consider Google and Facebook. There are many differences and similarities between the two, but which should you choose? First of all, one should consider budget. The average […]

How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web

This article illustrates the role of PageRank in Google’s algorithm, and the changes that they are constantly making to ensure that their search engine results are accurate in what the person may be looking for. Google’s algorithm started with PageRank, which rated pages based on the number and importance of links that pointed to them. […]

Social Signals versus PageRank?

Link: As we know, the most well-known of the concept of PageRank being used is in search engines, such as Google and Bing.  Other than PageRank, Google, for example, also uses tons of other methods to rank its search results from the top to the bottom. Google uses more than 200 different signals to […]

Improving Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking With everyone on the internet nowadays, it is incredibly important for businesses to show up earlier in search engines. I was able to look at a few tips that improve a website’s internal rankings for a search engine. Having specific content is one of the factors that search engines take into account, and […]

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