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How the Spread of Ebola Differed between Countries

Looking back now, most of us that were unaffected by the Ebola outbreak barely remember how the disease devastated West Africa and how quarantine measures were made with almost no regard for human rights. As nurses and healthcare workers across the world were immediately quarantined after returning from aid operations, the news was ablaze questioning […]

Medieval Epidemics

Diffusions of disease through social networks is a major public health concern, especially as the world’s population increases each and traveling navigating various networks is popular. The bubonic plague, commonly known as the black death, has claimed up to 200 million lives – peaking in Europe mid 14th century. This pandemic is believed to have been spread […]

Over-Exploitation of the Whale Population

For generations, people have been hunting whales and consuming whale meat and other products. However, with the rise of awareness in conserving the environment and recognizing animal rights, whaling industry has been very controversial. Due to excessive whaling, many whale species almost faced extinction, and many species are still considered endangered species. According to the […]

Cascade in Networks: How Tesla Chipped into and Cascade in the Car Market

Tesla when it was first founded it entered a car industry market that was well established and that didn’t basically had room for another car company, let alone an alien technology of electric cars. To give you the degree of the established market, the youngest car company in the car market is more than 90 years old. […]

The Network Effects of recent DraftKings and FanDuel lawsuits

A new movement has come to the forefront in the spectrum of fantasy sports. Traditionally, people join leagues with people that they know and draft players on to a team for an entire season. However, with new websites such as DraftKings and FanDuel, people can draft their own teams every day, all one has to […]

A Cascade of Gun Violence

This is a rather sensitive topic to blog about, as many have very emotional opinions on gun violence and gun rights. However, one feeling is certainly unanimous: there have been a disgusting amount of mass shootings in the past couple of weeks, and it is absolutely unacceptable. The article linked on this post shows a […]

Recreating the Human brain

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live forever? Many people would answer yes and this has been the basis of people research around the world. The common notion is that it would be impossible but some believe that it can happen. Kenneth D Miller a professor of neuroscience at Columbia thinks that the brain […]

How “Wise” is the Crowd During an Election?

America has another election coming up, and it can be useful to think about how the “crowd” encompassing the entire country behaves when deciding on its next leader.  In many situations, having a large number of people contributing to a certain decision is beneficial, because as a whole, the outliers of the crowd should balance […]

The toll of a tragedy

Ebola is a viral disease with a high mortality rate that made headlines last year to 2015 due to an outbreak that occurred in West Africa. According to this article, the first reported case of the outbreak occurred in December of 2013 in Gueckedou. People took the disease past the Liberian border, and although it […]

The Prevalence of Information Cascades in a Technological Society

An information cascade occurs when a significant amount of people begin to imitate specific behaviors or trends despite the possibility of interpreting contradictory signals.  While it is human nature to model the behavior of others, such as in the model of observational learning, information cascades do present risks.  In today’s technological society, people and businesses […]

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