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Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Evolutionary Game Theory in Nature

I’ve always been fascinated with the extent that the game rock, paper, scissors (RPS) has been studied. It’s such a simple game, yet people have discovered countless things about the game, from how to actually gain an advantage psychologically, to using it as a model for real life scenarios. Specifically, today I stumbled upon an […]

How Do YouTubers Make Money?

YouTube has undeniably popularized to one of the most visited sites on the Internet. In recent years, the popularity of certain YouTubers’ have skyrocketed, as these filmmakers are seen as more relatable and personable “celebrities,” albeit having comparable salaries to traditional celebrities: the highest paid YouTuber as of today is PewDiePie, who makes $12 million […]

After 50 years of the introduction of the “Tragedy of the Commons,” We still haven’t figured it out

In his very pun ridden title “Still Fishing for Solutions: ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ Approaches Fifty,’ Professor James McClintock (Professor of Polar and Marine Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham) comments on the current global situation of overfishing around the world. As stated in class on Monday by Professor Easley, the sea is […]

Hoverboards: Cascading Across the Country

In Statler, in the Plant Science building, in RPCC, you are guaranteed to see someone zooming by on a hoverboard these days. This hoverboard fad seems to have sparked overnight. This is due to hoverboard marketers’ strategic manipulation of cascading behavior. If hoverboard companies just put their products in stores, with a few advertisements here […]

Financial Markets + Information Cascades

Information Cascades in the Financial Markets             The financial markets are a lucrative and mysterious market that allows people and companies to raise and trade money in order to support the economics and operations behind businesses. With the advent of online trading, the financial markets are more liquid – in […]

Game Theory, Tragedy of the Commons, and Space Debris

Right now, there are thousands of pieces of debris in the earths orbit. This poses a problem for any space craft wishing to make a trip to the International Space Station. If a large enough piece of debris hits a spacecraft, it could be catastrophic. However, it seems nothing is really being done about it. […]

Coase Theorem and Climate Change

  The Coase Theorem, stated simply, is the idea that the most efficient way to use resources is to assign ownership; it does not matter who is the owner. The Coase Theorem is applicable in many areas of our life today, such as the hot topic of climate change. Climate change is becoming an increasingly […]

Herd Immunity: The Importance of Vaccines

The relatively disease free world we live in is a result of hundreds of years research into vaccines and other disease prevention measures. Edward Jenner created a smallpox vaccine in 1796 from cowpox material and since then, smallpox has been virtually eradicated from the human population. From there, vaccines continued to develop to a point […]

Property Rights for Southern Californian Beaches

With a climate that allows for many beach days throughout year, it is no surprise that the coast is central to Southern California’s relaxed, surfing infused identity. On especially warm days, the beaches are lined with beach towels and are swarmed with people. General habits of the population in beachgoers usually cause increasingly horrendous levels […]

Information Cascades and Revolution

What role can information cascades play in a revolution? How is information used to convince people in a country of turmoil to revolt or stand up for themselves against the government? In a paper by Christopher Ellis and John Fender, they attempt to model these types of questions with the possibility of information cascades in […]

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