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Voting in the US

In class we have discussed voting theory, learning how the results of several voting systems can be inaccurate and can be influenced by the people controlling the process. In voting systems based on majority rule, in which participants vote only for their top choice, the outcome can be influenced by “strategic agenda-sitting,” (Networks, Crowds, and […]

Following AND Leading in an Information Cascade

  Information cascades were a recent topic discussed. An information cascade arises when the information that you can infer from the choices of others may be more powerful than your own private information, in which case it would in fact make sense for you to join others regardless of your own private information. People inevitably […]

Variants on market matchings: Chess tournament pairings and the stable roommates problem

Eija Kujansuu from the University of Tampere in Tampere, Finland proposes an alternative pairing method for chess tournaments. Although at first glance, generating tournament matchups may appears as simple as pairing individuals of similar ability, the problem is actually more complicated due to further constraints imposed upon the matchups by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs […]

Fake Quotes on the Internet and their Cascading Effect

Due to the massive vitality of social media, information can spread incredibly quickly. This power is applied unadulterated to any type of information, whether it be false or not. Before we look at a specific situation, let’s first imagine what a twitter information cascade looks like. Let’s imagine each person on twitter has 500 followers. For […]

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