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Art of Auctioning Art

In a somewhat recent Sotheby’s auction, sales lagged. The “Masterworks” art collection of the late A. Alfred Taubman, former chief of Sotheby’s from 1983 to 2000, was estimated to be worth $500 million. The low estimate for the collection was deemed $375 million. Disappointingly, sales reached just above the low estimate, at $377 million. This […]

Beyond a Coin Flip: Market prediction in overdrive on single Fed decision

Wall Street speculators waited idly for some 80 months as the US Federal Open Market Committee held staunchly by their pledge to hold baseline interest rates* near 0. Throughout this unprecedentedly long stretch of steadfast easy money policy, the committee communicated their plans time and again, effectively eliminating any talk of rate changes and minimizing […]

Emigration Cascades

Around the world it has become quite common for people living in low income regions to leave their countries in search of better opportunities. However, those making this decision are not always well informed about their prospects in other countries. As a result, many emigrants develop a herd mentality and move accordingly. Some individuals may pick […]

Tragedy of the Commons: Climate Change

The idea of the Tragedy of the Commons always comes up with discussions regarding climate change. The Tragedy of the Commons is when individuals act upon what is best for themselves individually and not in the interest of a group. It usually involves depleting a resource or making a scenario worse for everyone else by […]

Cascades and Climate Control

As the human race advances its technology day by day, we face the imminent reality of climate change and global warming whether we want to or not. While many of these advancements are beneficial to efficiency and overall quality of life, we still continue ignore many of the effects that certain technologies and practices can […]

Herpes: either you do or you don’t (but, you probably do)

The Sexually transmitted disease known as genital herpes is derived from two different viruses: Herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2. Unprotected sex and the exchange of bodily fluids can effectively spread the disease. Furthermore, the disconcerting truth is that the virus can be spread with skin to skin contact, if the person transmitting the […]

Apple Music and the Crowded Music Streaming Arena

With Apple coming onto the music streaming scene at the end of June, it was hard to see them succeeding in such a crowded streaming market, as Spotify could already claim over 2o million paying users. Not to mention the many other services which already had a solid hold on their respective users, such as […]

Positive Marketing’s Implications on Property Rights and Social Welfare

“Macromarketing approaches to thought development in positive marketing: Two perspectives on a research agenda for positive marketing scholars” by John D. Mittelstaedt, William E. Kilbourne, and Clifford J. Shultz II is an academic article discussing the potential approaches to positive marketing; a market in which the welfare of all components are maximized and therefore leave […]

Game Theory aspect of relationship success

In a recent article by Business Insider, Emily Smith describes some of the science behind relationships, particularly how they end poorly/well. The story begins with psychologist John Gottman, who conducted a follow-up study to previous research on the health of couples’ relationships. After studying 130 newlywed couples at a bed and breakfast set-up at the […]

invest in rental properties vs pay off mortgage

Source: This article asks a question about whether people would use $100,00o to pay off their mortgage, or use the money to buy rental properties. The pros of paying off mortgage first are that there’s no risk in spending the $100,000, and the user can now have less burden each month, but he doesn’t get […]

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