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Distribution of 4th & 5th Generation Fighter Jets There is a lot you can tell about a country simply based on what fighter jets it uses in its air force. Fourth generation fighters are a classification of advanced fighter jets spanning from the 1980’s to present day which maintain a variety of stealth, agility, and of course firepower. As you can guess, […]

From Simple to Complex: Game Theory Applications

Game theory is being used to describe and predict the outcomes of events far more complex than one might imagine. In this article, game theory, in combination with some sophisticated software, is used to solve real world problems ranging from international politics to auctions, to divorce proceedings. Based off of the state of the world, […]

Mafia: The Game of Information Asymmetry

If you have ever played the game Mafia with a group of friends, you understand the game revolves around one group knowing information another group does not – a concept called information asymmetry. Some people may also know the game as Rebels vs. Spies or Werewolf, but the concept behind the game mechanics remains the […]

RelSci is a NYC Startup That is Changing Professional Networking

Link to INC Article: RelSci has been playfully called the “Roladex on steroids” and the “magic bullet for business development,” but the New York City based company is changing the professional networking world through a web service that produces easy-to-read infographics to display relationships between businesses and professionals. I first found out about the […]

Iphone 6 / Apple watch strategy Around this time of year as usual is when Apple releases their new line of iphones, and this year we are presented with the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus. Unexpectedly though, Apple revealed a watch device to go alongside with the release of the new iphones, and though while there is a […]

Study Rejects the “Strength of Weak Ties” Hypothesis

The article, “Study Shows Close Facebook Friends Are Effective in Finding New Jobs” by Nina Strochlic is about academic studies that have contradicted the famous “strength of weak ties” hypothesis. Popularized by Mark Granovetter in the 1970s. Moira Burke and Robert Kraunt did a study, in 2013, which looked at survey responses from 3,000 volunteers […]

Gamy Theory in Fantasy Football

Game Theory, Draft Strategy, Equilibrium and the 4for4 Advantage During fantasy football, drafting your team is one of the most exciting – and challenging – tasks. But why is it so complicated? Shouldn’t you just choose the best person available when it is your turn to pick? If only it was that easy… To make […]

Strong Ties vs. Weak Ties in the job searching process

Strong ties are often thought to be the most useful to people in the real world. However, there is a conception that weak ties will better help individuals get a job in the search process. Social Capital posted an article regarding this topic, and it turned out to be very interesting. In the workplace, people […]

Strong and Weak Ties of Ebola interactions

West Africa is experiencing right now the worst Ebola outbreak in its history. While it seems that it is virus is localized, in a matter of months the disease spread quite rapidly from Guinea to Sierra Leone to Liberia to Nigeria. Furthermore, it has spread to major cities in Sierra Leone, which include airports. Ebola […]

Inadequacies of Game Theory in Marketing

Article: There is an inherent “gamey-ness” to the production and consumption cycle. Producers put forth products, and consumers analyze propositions and ultimately choose to buy or pass. The producer wins if the consumer buys, and the consumer wins or loses based on the quality of the experience with the product.  The problem of marketing […]

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