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Breaking Bad (Heisenberg vs Crazy 8)

In an attempt to lure back a majority of its fan base back to its network, amc has been showing re-runs of one of the most popular TV shows of all time: Breaking Bad, in what they have branded as the “Breaking Bad Binge.” The show itself is filled with sub-plots that bring to light […]

Using game theory in marketing.

The following article by Nick Chowdrey was able to contextualize the relationship between Game Theory and marketing, and I’d have to say it is one of my favorite articles I’ve read this year. In today’s business world, several industries rely on marketing/advertisement to stay competitive as many companies can’t or aren’t able to differentiate enough. […]

Ukraine and Russia Crisis: To Seize or Not to Seize

  The current crisis between the Ukraine and Russia situation and the gunning of MH17 flight over the rebel held area in Ukraine has a deep history of mixed politics and different voices sparing between both sides. From the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, there has been a lot of struggle in maintaining separation […]

Modeling European Soccer Team Passing Strategy with Game Theory and Networks

The article referenced makes interesting conclusions given a large accumulation of data through the use of relational nodes to model interactions as subsets of a graph in the form of traversal paths. It uses this to make assumptions about the successes of various play styles without having to model passing as a formal game, which […]

Who Are My “Actual” Facebook Friends?

I recently stumbled across an academic article that talked about social capital in relationships on Facebook and its impact strong and weak ties between “friends.” The authors were able to do this by categorizing someone’s “actual” friends and total friends on Facebook. They predicted that somebody’s “actual” friends, or Facebook friends in which the user […]

Gaming Terrorism

Okay, here’s the game we’re going to play: with only a limited amount of resources, you, an inspired CS2850 student, are tasked with the very important job of making sure that America is not attacked by a motley gang of well-equipped, super intelligent terrorists. The mission is to, at all times, keep watch of every […]

Game Theory and Musical Interactions

Game theory is defined as “the analysis of strategies dealing with situations where the outcome of a participant’s choice of action depends on the actions of other participants.” Game theory has been applied to many different contexts including war, business, and science, but this paper utilizes the game theory model to create music. This paper […]

Some people just can’t stay out of the questioning room

In class, we discussed the prisoner’s dilemma, in which two players play a single-round game where they can choose whether or not to rat each other out to the police.  One such payoff matrix for this game is as follows: Where cooperate/defect are defined in terms of the players’ treatment of each other.  The graphic […]

Snapchat Service

Snapchat, a company that lets you send multimedia files to friends, is becoming more popular every day. Everyone around us in today’s society has a phone or smartphone with picture capabilities.  People are always taking pictures, videos, or sending text messages to friends, families, and co-workers either to exchange information or pass the time by. […]

Are You Focused?

In a recent interview with Marc Chernoff, author of “1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently”, he talks about how anyone can achieve their goals by following just a few life hacks that can increase productivity. Many people do not know effective ways to eliminate distractions in their life that keep them from achieving […]

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