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Tragedy of the Commons: Game Theory

An ongoing problem in our society has been one involving the shortage of natural resources. Whether it is energy, water, or land, humans have been known to overuse what nature has generously given them. Statistically speaking, “humans are using 30% more resources than the Earth can replenish each year”. This can be due to the […]

Nothing Hidden or Ignored with Social Media   In the article, the author discusses the benefits of social media in bringing social issues to light. When certain events or ideas start “trending”, they can quickly gain a huge amount of attention without ever explicitly being talked about in the news or other media sources. The example this article primarily refers to […]

Not Everything is Triadic Closure

The simplicity and power of the notion of triadic closure makes it a candidate for analyzing almost anything that can be represented by nodes and edges. Pick three things, beg, borrow and steal until you get relationships between any two of them, and now you have a case for the third relationship that closes the […]

Evolutionary game theory

Game theory, in addition to its application to simple games, can be applied to the complex concept of evolution as well. A simple approach to understanding evolutionary game theory is the use of the hawk dove game. It can be modeled by the following playoff matrix: Hawk Dove Hawk ½(V – C) V Dove 0 V/2 V […]

Facebook: The Ultimate Network Traditionally, Facebook has been used to connect with those that you have met. It follows a fairly regular routine; you mer the person in life, you send a friend request, and you get connected. But this author uses it in a different way. As with many celebrities, she has a presence on Facebook, but […]

Tinder: The Ever-Expanding Matchmaking Network

If you live on a college campus, you probably already know what Tinder is. Tinder is a matchmaking application for iOS and Android based on the premise of “swiping.” To date there are 750 million “swipes” per day. If you see a profile, and that profile sees you, and you both “swipe right” on each […]

Game Theory and League of Legends League of Legends by Riot Games is currently the biggest game in the world with 67 million players who enjoy the game monthly, compared to Candy Crush which sits at 46 million monthly players ( This game falls under the category of MOBAs, in which two teams of five players battle each other with […]

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