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Strong Ties vs. Weak Ties in the job searching process

Strong ties are often thought to be the most useful to people in the real world. However, there is a conception that weak ties will better help individuals get a job in the search process. Social Capital posted an article regarding this topic, and it turned out to be very interesting. In the workplace, people do not want to refer others who are not qualified in that specific market.

These statements make sense to me and I know real world examples for verification. Personally I have had experience with strong and weak ties in the job search process. My baseball coach (strong tie) referred me to a former player of his (weak tie) and he has helped me tremendously in this process. Referring me to several of companies that I have interest in and where he knows higher-ranking employees. This has further helped me because the companies were not ones that I would have found without someone else’s supreme knowledge. This weak tie foiled me out to other weak ties and it granted huge successes. The power of weak ties are an incredible source and helpful in several aspects of people’s lives. In class we have discussed the differences between strong and weak ties. Not in much detail, but I wanted to find out further information regarding this topic. The article listed is one that describes the differences between the two and how each have their benefits.

Although strong ties are the ones who you are the closest to, weak ties are where you can find information that will develop you into having a successful career. Knowing this information is key for someone’s career.


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