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Graph Theory Enabled Drug Repurposing

One challenge with human designed pharmaceutical drugs for specific illnesses is the risk of unwanted drug interactions and side effects. Media for popular versions these drugs often include dense warnings of these effects and dangers, but less is heard of the other aspect of unintended drug functions: additional curative properties. The specific active mechanisms in […]

A Fine-tuned Network

Every song written by every musician has at least one distinct feature that captures the attention of the listener and allows him or her to develop a strong connection or immediate dislike for it. Playing on this fundamental understanding, musicologists at Pandora strive to strip and analyze songs down to their technical characteristics, for instance […]

Using Graph Theory to Diagnose Mania and Schizophrenia

The first few lectures in INFO 2040 have focused on graph theory and its applications to the study of networks. In class, we learned about using graph theory to model credit card transactions, Internet connections, and medical donations. In addition to these applications, a recent study published in the renowned open access scientific journal, PLOS […]

LinkedIn: The Online Triadic Closure Tool

LinkedIn is an online professional networking site that implements the use of Triadic Closure in order to create a large business network. Users make connections with others on the network, and can find jobs, other people, and business opportunities recommended by those whom they have established connections with. Users can also view the profiles of […]

Mesh Neworks for Internet Blackout

As we discussed during the second lecture, the internet in 1970 could have been separated into two components by breaking just two lines. The west coast and the east coast would be temporarily disconnected until the lines were repaired. Today the internet is much larger with millions of devices connected and we are much more […]

Foreign Affair is Just a Game

All countries deal with foreign affairs in different ways. Many political scientists have different views on how to deal with other countries, but in the end it’s all just a game. Game theory can be a basic solution to dealing with other countries. Setting up a basic matrix and looking at the possible outcomes from […]

Law Enforcement in Social Media

   While many still view social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as simply a way to keep friends and acquaintances updated about day to day activities, these sites have become an increasingly powerful tool to access the “Global Friendship Network” which is an example of the “small world phenomenon.” This is the idea […]

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