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I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss is a negotiation type board game desined by Sid Sackson. In it each of the six players takes on the role of an investor and tries to get into as many deals as he can. Deals vary in value, ranging from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 per share. Up to fifteen deals can be […]

Networks and the Bitcoin currency

Most currency systems today were designed and started well before the invention of the transistor. The US Dollar is used in our country as well as around the world, but the amount of physical currency in circulation is much less than the combined total of wealth which exists only digitally. However, there is currently no […]

Butterworth and Braess   In this article, Guardian contributor Jon Butterworth ponders the usefulness of applying Game Theory principles to two different decisions:  Where to send his child to school, and what the eventual future of particle physics in Europe will be.  Each of these decisions involves a different set of players independently making decisions to serve […] Reexamining positive and negative relationships on online social networks: How does one define a positive or negative connection in the increasingly interconnected online world we have? Everyone likes positive connections. A positive connection can be a self esteem boost, a source of positive feedback, or a good friend to spend time with. But at […]

The Friendship Paradox – Why your friends have more friends than you do In his New York Times article, Cornell Applied Mathematics Professor Steve Strogatz uses mathematics to explain why your friends always seem to have more friends than you do. He references recent research about the Facebook social graph which found that “a user’s friend count was less than the average friend count of his or her […]

TV Auctions Are Making It Harder For Real Bidders   Buyers who used to be “regulars” at auctions are beginning to shy away because they can’t compete with the attention being brought by tv auction shows such as Storage Wars. Items that would generally have low values are being purchased by these tv bidders who have more capital and access to storage for […]

Game Theory in Ancient Military Battle Strategy

Few of us have not heard the tale of the Trojan horse, in which a small group of Greek soldiers hid inside a wooden horse to pass through the walls of Troy without so much as raising a single eyebrow – ultimately overthrowing the entire city in the process.  Indeed, the art of deceit in […]

How to Obtain Job Experience Without Having Any Experience

Looking at the massive pile of company pamphlets, career guides, and cover letter drafts sitting on my desk, I think back to this time last year when I was aimlessly applying to summer internships, only to be frustrated with the results. I look forward to this year as I prepare for an interview coming up […]

The World’s Favorite Game and a Nash Equilibrium An exciting, nail-biting 90 minutes of soccer comes to an end, and no team has scored; now, the shootout – perhaps even more exciting than the game itself.  These penalty kicks provide us with another example of game theory.  The kicker must decide to kick left, right, or in the middle of the goal.  […]

Determining IPO price via Dutch auction: What FB should have learned from GOOG

In recent times, many large tech IPO’s have been followed by a significant drop in share price shortly thereafter. The canonical example is Facebook, which opened at $38 a share, and fell sharply in the following weeks, resting today in the low $20’s. Other companies like Zynga opened at $10 and are now trading in […]

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