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Lizard Mating Strategies: a Delicate Balance of Rock, Paper, Scissors

In the dating world, there are many ways to win over a mate. In nature, it’s often a little less complicated; out west, males lizards have narrowed it down to three options. Uta stansburiana, the common side-blotched lizard, comes in a variety of colors. These are not merely decorative, however. They are indicative of different […]

The Collegetown Housing Rush in terms of Prisoner’s Dilemma

The extreme housing rush at Cornell can relate to many different concepts in the class.  The article in the Cornell Daily Sun elaborates in this problem and talks about how it is getting worse every year, saying “In what some landlords are calling the fastest renting season in recent memory, students are rushing to claim […]

Harvard’s Cheating Scandal

Haven’t you always wondered why people cheat?  It’s a trait unexpectedly common in the most brilliant and ambitious of people.  There was a recent cheating scandal at Harvard University where over 100 students were caught cheating on the Government 1310: Introduction to Congress take-home final exam.  The fact that the cheaters consisted of dozens of […]

Can we actually predict how real people think in Strategic Games?

In this Networks class, we have been learning a lot about how game theory works and how it can be applied to the real world. However, is there an actual way to tie theory with the real thing? A lot of times, the probabilities and the outcomes predicted by the theory turns out to be […]

Structural Balance of Mobile Platforms,2817,2390394,00.asp As Rim’s blackberry fades to the periphery of the mobile device market, we are left with three platforms with hopes of controlling the market share. These three platforms, Windows Phone, the Apple iOs and Google’s Androids are currently battling for platform supremacy. As with many sectors of the mobile market, this clash is manifesting itself in […]

Twitter’s Developement Of Networks Beyond the Social Stratosphere

Twitter has almost unanimously become an accepted part of each college student’s life. However, in comparison to any other social media outlet, Twitter is extremely unique. Twitter’s success has been the result of the ability for the site to create rapid communication between and amongst users. Twitter acheives this rapid communication by limiting its total characters per […]

Bid Rigging The Office of Fair Trading in the United Kingdoms fined 129.2 million pounds on over one hundred construction firms that were found guilty for collusion on construction contracts. Many of the companies, admitting their violation before the court’s decision, got reduction for fines. This news revealed a kind of fraud in auctions. Bid rigging […]

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