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Strength in Numbers! Approximately 2 million people each year attempt to quit smoking in the United States with 90% failing the first time they try. Traditional quitting methods include gum, patches, and medication that frequently are taken or used to no avail. The eluding facts that most chain smokers are ignorant to are that most […]

Procrastination Dilemma

It started off as just a Facebook break, but before you knew it you were in the middle of your third consecutive game of FIFA, making plans for later that evening, and listening to the newest Muse album.  The countless vows to finish your problem set tonig­­­ht and not check Twitter before your work was […]

The Euro Zone Over the past several month, the Euro Zone has been facing many issues, mainly Debt. As Greece continued to suffer through the summer, many countries had talks of leaving the Euro Zone including Italy and Ireland. However, if these countries decided to leave vs decided to stay, the downside on the US economy would […]

The Collegetown Housing Rush

In this blog post I will discuss the college town housing market. In a sense, the housing market in college town is very similar to the models we have looked at in class. For one, there is a finite list of potential buyers (students) and sellers (properties for rent). In addition, each buyer could assign […]

Microsoft’s Unstable Triangles

Source1: source2: Over the past several years, as we’ve all realized, Microsoft, once the top of the tech world, has been in steady decline, pc sales are continuing to decline, the “Windows phone” smartphone operating system is battling Blackberry for a mere third place, it would seem only Microsoft’s search engine Bing is increasing […]

House of Representatives Campaign Strategies

SOURCE: This article is an excellent example of both competitive relationships, as well as game theory. In a sense, politics can be very closely compared to game just as well as a traditional athletic sport. Rather than physical challenge, it entails much more of a psychological battle, but like a sport there is a […]

Beauty: A Prisoner’s Dilemma This recent article in the Huffington Post talks about the health risk brought on by cosmetics, focusing on perfume. Makeup and perfume are very commonplace and yet it is startling just how harmful these products are to one’s health. Perfume is especially a health risk for it is not only a risk to the […]

Game Theory and the Iranian Nuclear Program

Tensions between Israel and Iran have grown precipitously in recent weeks, as the Middle East teeters on the brink of another potential conflict.  Iran has been ratcheting up its nuclear program and Israel has been trying to marshal support for a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.  This article demonstrates the power of game theory, […]

Ties, Facebook, and Russia

Source 1: Source 2 : Today, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, met with the ex-president and current prime minister of Russia, the one and only – Dmitry Medvedev. Now, what would Medvedev and Zuckerberg have in common? Marketing and politics. They both influence a large portion of the world. While one is the prime minister […]

New Maps App

With the recent releases of their iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Apple has been especially busy as of late.  One of the new features of iOS 6 and standard on the iPhone 5 is the completely redesigned Maps application.  Designed by Apple “from the  ground up”, the new Maps uses data from TomTom rather […]

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