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I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss is a negotiation type board game desined by Sid Sackson. In it each of the six players takes on the role of an investor and tries to get into as many deals as he can. Deals vary in value, ranging from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 per share. Up to fifteen deals can be made per game. Each deal has a marker that indicates which investors can participate in the deal. Some deals have fixed investors, that is, the deal will not push through if those investors refuse to take part in the deal. Most of the deals, however, allow the Boss, the main player in that turn, to choose who among investors he wants to be part of the deal. These investors would offer the Boss how many shares each of them are willing to take so. The whole game is about the investors bargaining with the Boss, taking care to offer to take small enough share so that they can be included in the deals yet at the same time maximizing their own pay-offs.

In class we studied about bargaining and power in networks. Each deal in I’m the Boss represents a power network with the Boss as the most powerful node. The fixed investors have relatively more power than those that are up in the air and competing with each other to get in the deal. What makes this game interesting is that the role of the Boss can be stolen by another player, the original investors can be sent off in a trip and replaced by their relatives, one player can take the role of three investors all at once and claim a whole deal for himself, and many more.
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