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Language Origination: Word Similarities or Geographic Spread

Dr. Atkinson and his colleagues are researching the origins of Indo-European languages such as English, French, Persian, and Hindi. They began by compiling a list of words that are considered to be “resistant to linguistic change” such as pronouns, body parts and family relations. Afterwards, they scored 103 Indo-European languages based on this list, giving […]

The xx album creates a social network of its own

This month, the band “The xx” released their second studio album, Coexist.  To celebrate the release of the album, and to track listeners across the world, the band set up a website to display how the album had traveled between listeners around the world.  The band uploaded some of their music to a website and […]

Weak ties in LinkedIn

As a career networking website, LinkedIn faces the challenge of applying all the real-world networking opportunities to the web, and converting them to a much larger scale. One of the most popular job search tips, which has also been discussed in class, is to always look for new connections through weak ties. The majority of […]

Game Theory in Video Games: How You’re in a Prisoner’s Dilemma

In the last decade, online gaming, especially massively multi-player online gaming, has become a topic of discussion amongst game theorists. However one soon notices that each resource or article about the topic seems to come from one of two types of sources. One source of discussion is academics with strong understanding of game theory and […]

Trading Network with Wireless Carriers as Intermediaries

A recent article on CNN Money discusses finding the best and cheapest carrier for your iPhone5. The article can be found at the following link: The article begins with urging consumers to realize that the costs of the iPhone5 do not simply include the initial device price, but also the 24-month long contract that […]

Fracking Consequences

Fracking, more formally known as hydraulic fracturing, is the injection of fluids at high pressure into underground rock layers to release energy sources such as petroleum and natural gas. The method is useful mainly for extracting natural gas deposits that are trapped in shale deep underground, and it is the easiest and cheapest way to […]

eBay, an online auctioning community People sell and buy things every day. Commerce is one essential way people today interact with one another. In today’s digital world people use online sources to browse items to select the one they most desire. These online-stores have become wide-spread in today’s society. Almost every brand name store has an online […]

Emergence of Strong Ties in Dire Situations

A Northwestern University pre-med student, Harsha Maddula, 18,  disappeared after attending a party early Saturday morning of September 22nd, 2012. Soon after his disappearance, parents and friends of Maddula went into search to find the missing student. Not only his families and friends but fellow students came together in order to find the missing student. After […]

Networks in U.S. Foreign Policy

Networks in U.S. Foreign Policy The idea of social networks can be linked to international relations.  Obviously, in today’s world, there has been a lot of war and struggle in the Middle East, especially in Israel.  This article tackles the main idea of how if one country attacks another country, it will attack their allies […]

Am I Lagging?!?

For a fair portion of the gaming industry’s history, video games focused on the single player experience. Games focused on a prominent single player campaign and occasionally introduced some basic multiplayer features like co-op or some semblance of a versus mode where two players on the same machine could play one another. However, with the […]

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