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Applications of Matching

In class we’ve seen how to use bipartite matching to solve the issue of buyer and seller markets. We’re able to generate a set of market clearing prices which ensures that all buyers want to make a purchase, while also maximizing revenue for the sellers. This in and of itself is a wonderful application of […]

Earth vs. Electricity: Arctic Sea Ice Thawing

The Arctic sea ice has been melting over many years now.  However, this year, the thawing has been extremely significant.   It is the highest it has ever been at a rate of 35,400 square miles per day.  According to NSIDC scientists, this is twice the rate of norm.  Satellite has began to record the area […]

Debate in Sports: Can the NHL Settle on Terms for Revenue Split?

Similar to how the National Basketball Association (NBA) struggled this past season to establish an agreement on how much of a team’s revenue players should receive, the National Hockey League (NHL) is faced with the same dilemma. As of right now, because an agreement has not been reached, it is highly unlikely that either the […]

Modelling Meme Distribution Using Hybrid Systems

At the beginning of our class we discussed a very basic model of a social network: each node is a person and each edge is a connection between people. This is robust enough for basic things, such as the varieties of closure and connectiveness that we have been learning. However, it is a very static […]

Fire Away: It’s Amazon versus the World

Wal-Mart announced today that it would no longer carry Amazon’s Kindle eReaders and tablets, both online and in stores. It is the second retailer to do so, following Target’s decision back in May. Both stores will continue to sell iPads and Barnes and Noble’s Nook, along with other popular tablet and eReader devices. Amazon makes […]

Samsung expects to sue Apple over the iPhone 5 The article above is about Samsung’s plan to sue Apple for patent infringement in the newly released iPhone 5. Samsung and Apple are the two major companies in the smartphone and tablet computers. The recent U.S. court case that Apple had succeeded grabbed worldwide attention, and imposed a sale ban on Samsung products, which […]

Targeting Blogs instead of Facebook/Twitter

Source : During the past decade, numbers of social network sites, such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, had been created and many have withered away while only some were successful. Among them, blogging may be considered to be one of the most popular social networking tools considering the fact that it has outlived its rivals […]

Six Degrees of separation

link: Na Eun Seo Blog Post #1 09/20/12 “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” insists that any two people on Earth are about six acquaintances apart from each other. Kevin Bacon is an actor who came up with this theory and what he is trying to say eventually out of it is the small […]

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns: The reasoning behind choosing to not release them

News about presidential elections is all but impossible to avoid every four years. This election cycle has been particularly heated, with the country more divided on key issues than arguably any time since the Civil War. It seems that compromise in congress is impossible, as working with the other side somehow shows weakness. With this […]

There Can Be Only Two – Third Parties in America

Obama or Romney? That’s a question that will come up more and more in the coming months as November’s presidential election swiftly approaches. Ask enough people and many people will tell you “Obama”, many people may also tell you “Romney”, a few people might even tell you that they intend to vote on Gary Johnson. […]

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