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Networks in U.S. Foreign Policy

Networks in U.S. Foreign Policy

The idea of social networks can be linked to international relations.  Obviously, in today’s world, there has been a lot of war and struggle in the Middle East, especially in Israel.  This article tackles the main idea of how if one country attacks another country, it will attack their allies as well.  According to an Iranian military official, Iran would attack U.S. bases if a war were to break out with Israel.  This is because Israel would not initiate war against Iran without U.S. help.

In this scenario, the network consists of three nodes: the United States, Iran, and Israel.  A positive edge connects the United States with Israel while a negative edge connects Iran with Israel.  The fact that Iran would wage war against the United States’ bases makes sense, according to this network, because the United States would come to Israel’s aid since they have a positive edge between them.  Since Iran has a negative edge with Israel, in order to make complete balanced network based on typical patterns of positive and negative relationships in real life, a negative edge should be placed between Iran and the United States.  From a networks perspective, this graph would be balanced because the allies of the United States and Israel both “hate” Iran due to the negative edges connecting them to Iran.

Iran vows to hit US bases if Israel strikes

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