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Poker and Game Theory

Game theory lends itself well to many scenarios in life, but there will always be one place where it can be best utilized- in a game. Texas Hold ‘Em is one such game, where game theory can greatly influence players’ decisions. Many observers claim that one player, Chris Ferguson, revolutionized the game by heavily utilizing […]

Game Theory Applied to iPhone 5 Redesign

Apple’s decision to make the iPhone 5’s connector port, the Lightening port, different than all their other previous Apple products ties a lot into Apple’s benefits as it makes their users happy now that the phone is skinnier and lighter, however making the users purchase all new accessories just for the new iPhone 5 may […]

Game Theory and the Environment

Environmentalism is a touchy subject in even the most liberal contexts. Nevertheless, it is one that should be addressed. The question, thus, is not if, but how to do so. Mark Colyvan, the director of the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science at the University of Sydney makes the case for Game theory as […]

Facebook: Suggesting Friends Beyond Its Walls

Facebook, as a social networking entity, has become part of our society and every person in it, whether we know it or not. As a user adds more and more “friends,” Facebook creates a structure that consists of the connections between all of those who have made an account. Over time since the site’s creation, […]

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