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Facebook vs. Google IPO: Redefining the Tech IPO

Let’s look at the most recent high-profile tech IPO: Facebook. Facebook went public on May 17, 2012 with an initial stock price of $38 valuing the company at $104 billion. After a slight peak within the first few hours of trading, the stock price took a nosedive from which the stock has never fully recovered. […]

Local Bridges Impact NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting

For many years, those looking to get recruited to play NCAA athletics have recognized the potential benefits associated with having social ties to those involved in NCAA recruiting, such as college coaches and scouts. However, in the world of college lacrosse, many are just now starting to notice how expanding the ties in one’s network […]

The New York Stock Exchange and Social Networking Sites (look the article up on Google to access the full article) A recent article on the Wall Street Journal discusses how the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is turning to social networking sites as it adjusts methods for locating buyers and sellers to close daily trading in their stocks. It mentions that the NYSE […]

Why do freshmen stand directly outside of crowded lecture halls?

Every time I exit our networks class, I’m impeded by a gaggle of overenthusiastic students, eager to rush into the auditorium 15 minutes before their class. Similar events occurred at my  chemistry lectures, where there would be a line of students snaking down the stairs from Baker 200. It seems inevitable that for any lecture […]

A trafficless traffic jam?

Carmageddon Dos. Los Angeles. 405 freeway. Starting Friday night (September 28th) all the way till tomorrow morning (October 1st), engineers have been working 53 straight hours to ensure everything goes well for the closing of a 10-mile section on the 405 (nation’s busiest freeway). The northern half of Mulholland Drive is being demolished as a […]

Game Theory and the Iditarod

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race began in 1973 and consists of a 1,150 mile race through Alaska by mushers and their dog team. The trail, which starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome, had originally been used as a route for transporting supplies and was crucial during an epidemic of diphtheria in Nome, in […]

Redistributing Spectrum Rights

The amount of data transfer needed to satiate today’s wireless device users is expanding rapidly.  Major wireless service providers have indicated that their largest concern was acquiring a larger portion of the wireless spectrum to channel the growing stream of data that their customers demand.  In order to keep the United States at the forefront […]

The Cheating Dilemma – Why so many students cheat at prestigious high schools

With the rise of social networking, smartphones, iPads, and other gadgets given to us by the technological advancement, cheating has become a prominent issue and an increasingly difficult issue to police. In a recent cheating scandal at one of the famed exam schools in New York City, Stuyvesant High School busted a cheating ring with […]

Airplanes and Gates

In class we have been studying bipartite graphs and perfect matchings. A perfect matching occurs when there are an equal number of nodes on each side of a bipartite graph and each node is connected by an edge to the node it is assigned, and no two nodes on the left are assigned to the […]

College Admissions and Market-Clearing Prices

In the past, choosing a college was much simpler: you applied to a few schools and chose to attend the best school that accepted you.  However, with tough economic times and rising tuition prices, choosing the right college has become more complicated.  The demand for a college education still remains high, especially with today’s job […]

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