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Planning City with Networks Even with a population of over 6.7 billion people, it still seems this world keeps getting smaller.  We’re always running into mutual friends, someone who went to our alma mater, someone who is from the same hometown as us, and etc. With advance technology, including online social networking sites, we continue to expand our […]

Corporate Game Theory: Apple vs Microsoft

It seems as though in the world of college students, Apple has a large growing base of customers.  They seem to have specifically targeted college students, a strategy that seems to quite beneficial.  No doubt the amount of students attending college is increasing with each school year, so in the game of computer sales this […]

Moneyball and the Evolution of Information

The much anticipated release of “Moneyball“, the film adaptation of the Michael Lewis book of the same name, has spurred many into taking a retrospective look at how exactly the Oakland Athletics of the early 2000s achieved their success. Before going into it, a quick recap: Starting in the early 1990s, but beginning in earnest […]

Facebook Music’s Biggest Loser:

From: These days, almost everyone has a FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace, or some other form of social network profile. Within these networks, people are becoming more and more interconnected, and attached to their profiles. Keeping up with events in friend’s lives is easier than ever because of the constant updates that are visible through places […]

Matching Markets in Technology: What a Free iPhone 3GS Means Today

Barring the fact that you might live under a rock, it’s common knowledge that Apple unveiled its new iPhone 4S today, which boasts a better processor, battery life, camera and even Apple’s new voice recognition technology, Siri, along with a plethora of other features. Another announcement made today that can be easily overlooked, however, is that like […]

October Game Theory: Intentional Walks in Playoff Baseball

Game theory, when it is first introduced, can be a confusing topic. Telling a student you are going to study “the mathematical study of optimizing agents” is one way to introduce game theory. A better way is through a relatable example. While examples exist in every business or organization, from the corporate level to individual […]

The Game Theory of Bunting

Last week, the movie “Moneyball” debuted in theaters. Based on Michael Lewis’s book of the same name, it follows the story of how Oakland A’s General Manager Brad Pitt Billy Beane built a competitive team for the 2002 season with a payroll that was just a fraction of the league’s other top teams. Beane was […]

CoursEnroll: The Game

In less than a month from now, tens of thousands of Cornell students will yet again participate in one massive battle against each other, fighting for the best courses and times possible. To every Cornell student, this needs no explanation. For everyone else: here is setting. Every semester, students are required to log to the […]

Indonesian Oil and Game Theory

From: An interesting article discussing how the method employed by the Indonesian government to subsidize oil production and exploration is counter productive. As the article states: ” Indonesia uses a system known as Production Sharing Contract (PSC), allowing oil companies to fully recover exploration and development costs before splitting profits with the government.” This […]

The release of Amazon’s tablet and bargaining power

Source: Recently, amazon introduced its whole new tablet: kindle fire. With kindle, customers can have access to more than 18 million e-books, movies, songs and television shows on Amazon, as well as to numerous Android applications. Clearly this device is a strong competitor to Apple’s ipad 2. It offers a lot of  services not […]

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