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The Boy Who Cried “Foul!”

Pennisi, Elizabeth. “Soccer and the art of deception.” Science 331 (2011): 280-280. Although soccer is the world’s most popular sport, it is also widely regarded as showcase for the most serious issues in sports. Allegations of widespread corruption, players feigning injury in order to get favorable calls, timewasting, and irresponsible debt management of clubs are […]

NIKE: Inspiring Athletes through Social Media

Nike has experimented with social media  consumers having partnered with Google, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, and even Chinese social media sites (Weibo, Ren Ren, and QQ) in the past couple years.  Their stance interprets social media sites as an opportunity to create a runner’s mentality in which Nike can advertise and consumers can share their athletic […]

The methods of advertising

It is an information age. People give out, and seek for information. And in midst of all this, internet is being used as one of the main methods of sharing information. In order to make profit out of people’s usage, webpages pursue various ways, one of which is advertisement. In fact, advertisement is hardly avoidable […]

Information Cascade: Hmong American High School Students As we learned in class, an information cascade is what occurs when people make decisions one after another with others watching and inferring something about what the earlier people know. In EDUC 2710, we were assigned to read an article about the Hmong American High School students in a high school called University Heights […]

The Expanding Web

As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, and new media of information sharing become available, new ways emerge to use the power of the Web.  Integration of the Internet into other forms of media, which also use advertisements to maintain profitability, can open the door to new ways of prioritizing and targeting ads.  There was […]

Professional Recruiters as Traders

Professional recruiters, or headhunters as they are commonly called, are hired by companies to find their ideal candidate for a position.  In some cases it is a small position that just needs to be filled, other times it is for a new president of a fortune 500 company.  Particularly in high up positions in the […]

Game of Funds

Raj Rajaratnam a self-made billionaire was arrested for insider trading and subsequently sentenced to 11 years in jail and millions in fines for his role in cheating the stock market armed with nonpublic information. Raj had a large network of informants in order to successfully cheat the system to his liking that has been totaled […] This is article is about the intricacies of privacy in the virtual world. It describes in detail all the types of information that are stored within only one day in the life of an ordinary individual. Just how much of your life is tracked is astounding, from things like tracking your library book selections […]

PageRanking Graduate Programs

Most of the current rankings for graduate programs rank institutions based on reputation surveys or citation records that assess the scholarly impact of faculty in a department. But there are issues with both of these measures for prospective graduate students deciding on which program to attend. Survey respondents are usually academics and administrators at competing […]

Authority Score Booster! Authority Scores are used as a way search engines can quantify “relevance” in order to rank search results by relevance. The authority score is calculated by the number of references to a particular webpage found in the search results. Thus the more references a webpage has, the higher the authority score and ultimately the […]

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