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Tax and a Class Warfare Game

From: As a Sociologist, the study of Marxist thought is of great interest and relevance.  Karl Marx, one of the most well known thinkers of the field, believed that what made up our society was the struggle among the classes.  It is interesting that we see now, in the state of our current economic […]

NCAA Conference Realignment: Bargaining and Power in the Big 12

After months of speculation and some action regarding the conference realignment in the D-I FBS* landscape, things have finally settled down for now. Texas A&M will officially be leaving for the SEC. ACC is set to gain Pittsburgh and Syracuse from the Big East. Of course, some of these actions seem obvious when looking from […]

Facebook partners with Skype: The Ultimate Triadic Closure

In early July 2011, Facebook announced it would be partnering with Skype to add the feature of video-calling to its ever-growing social networking company, now with over 800 million users.  This partnership marks two of the most widely used companies coming together to capitalize on each of their specialties: accessibility to many people and video […]

Microsoft Research Launches a Facebook Game Testing Classical Game Theory Microsoft Research recently launched a Facebook game called Project Waterloo, where there are two players each having their own troops and a battlefield. As Facebook users play this game, Microsoft is able to view how people negotiate with each other and gain insight on their general behavioral actions in the presence of one another.  […]

Game Theory and Football

Football coaches are supposed to call the right plays for particular situations and sometimes unpredictable plays that will catch the other team off guard.  This is where the game theory enters the world of professional football. Like in every game theory application, the best play is based on what your opponent does.  In football, an […]

To Wait or Not to Wait

Imagine a scenario where you’re just arriving at a bus stop to catch the bus but you see no bus in the distance and you have no way to determine when the next one will arrive. You have the option to walk to your destination but a debate ensues in determining what course of action […]

Batman and Game Theory

Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman movie “The Dark Knight” is a phenomenal superhero movie filled with suspense, action, and perhaps most surprisingly, numerous applications of game theory. Let us take a closer look at some of these scenarios. The opening scene of the movie itself is a game, that deals with the issue of fair division. […]

Class War Games As President Obama pushes for higher taxes on millionaires, the idea of “class warfare” seems to be resurfacing.  The New York Times article linked above written by Nancy Folbre, talks about conflict analysis and how it relates to both game theory and the concept of a class war.  Folbre speaks about Collective Conflict as […]

Microsoft Research launched its first Game theory Facebook game

Relative link: Microsoft Research recently has just updated its first Facebook game, called Project Waterloo. It is an implementation of Colonel Blotto game, which is an economic game. In this game, each player will have 100 troops to distribute over 5 territories. If one player allocates more troops in one territory than other players, […]

Competing Social Networks

Google+ is a three-month-old social network that is competing with Facebook for users. However, since both share much of the same functionality, it will be difficult for Google+ to catch up to the established network. This situation begs the question of whether there is room for two major social networks. It is most convenient if […]

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