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Balanced Networks in Popular Films

When we learned about balanced three-person networks in lecture, we learned that having an odd number of negative relationships produces an unbalanced network, while having an even number provides us with a balanced network. This theory holds true in networks with a relatively small number of people, and it even has an application to our […]

Using Twitter as a Source of Information This article discusses how the social networking site, Twitter, was monitored in order to find out what was occurring within a National Football, and how within seconds they could find out when a touchdown or an interception occurred. It then talked about using Twitter I order to gain information about the occurrences within various […]

When does the Narwhal Bacon? An Analysis of Reddit Posts:

Reddit is a website used for sharing links to interesting, funny, or relevant pages on the internet. It is formed by a collection of communities that are grouped by shared interests, and uniting these communities is a sort of score-system: karma. Karma is earned by scoring up-votes while avoiding down-votes. As a post increases in […]

Apple, where’s… oh wait you just won

Since the launch of the launch of the iPhone 4s announce just yesterday, I have already heard more complaints about Apple in the last 24 hours than I have in many months. While I never was a fan of Apple product, I always admired how well their business philosophy worked. Every Apple product I’ve ever […]

Biggest mobile device makers’ Game Theory – Samsung vs Apple

Today, at the age of 56, one of the biggest icons of IT industry just passed away. As you all know, this is the story of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was the legendary leader of Apple who was in the midst of developing the first Apple personal computer and ipod and iphone series. His dominant […]

LeBron and Game Theory

As a Clevelander and a basketball fan, I loved watching the Cavs play. Like the rest of the city, I was thrilled when LeBron James wound up on the Cavs. I watched 7 seasons filled with amazing plays and spectacular dunks. Not surprisingly, I was disappointed when LeBron decided to leave Cleveland and very unhappy […]

Auctions Vs. Fixed Prices Sales on eBay eBay used to make most of its money off of online auctions. Recently however, eBay has seen decreases in its auction profits, while companies like Amazon have grown rapidly off of the success of fixed price sales. In an effort to keep up with other companies, “eBay has significantly de-emphasized dynamic-priced items in favor […]

Left, Middle or Right? Game Theory of Soccer Penalty Kicks

After a long, exhausting, slow-played 90 minutes of soccer, the possibility of determining the result of a match by penalty kicks is perhaps the most exciting part of the game.  While other sports tend to have complicated strategies for trying to gain advantages in their games, soccer is relatively simple. It’s a one-on-one matchup between […]

Who wins in climate change?

Investigating game theory and climate change Paper Link In a recent paper, entitled Game theory and climate diplomacy, Stephen J. DeCanio and Anders Fremstad look into the factors that influence global politics relating to climate change and what governments are doing about it.  The paper runs nearly parallel with the material covered in our course, […]

Facebook’s Stable Network

This article on the new Facebook really got me thinking. The new Facebook essentially allows users to create their own verb substitutes for “liking”. For example, a post could read, “Bob is reading The Fellowship of the Ring” or “Sue is eating Lasagna”. This makes a lot of sense. But some words are expressly […]

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