Mystery of the (Hominin) Skulls

In this laboratory activity students will examine nine hominin skulls for specialized features and take measurements that will enable them to determine the relatedness of these species. They will identify the placement of each specimen on a phylogenetic tree that also reveals the geological time frame in which each species lived. Based on the data that they generate, and using similar scientific methods as paleoanthropologists to analyze them, students will be able to arrive at the same conclusions about hominin evolution as the ones currently accepted by the scientific community. CIBT’s Hominid Skulls kit corresponds to this lab.

Note: Two versions of this activity are available: a lower level (grades 7-12) Regents version and an advanced/AP version with files labeled as such.


Hominin Skulls Lab – Read Me First

Regents Hominin Skulls Lab – Student Edition (CIBT)

Regents Hominin Skulls Lab – Teacher Edition (CIBT)

AP Hominin Skulls Lab -Student Edition (CIBT)

AP Hominin Skulls Lab – Teacher Edition (CIBT)

Skull Assessment Guide, Laminate

Skull Index Cards

Hominin Skulls Setup Answers PowerPoint

AP Skull Measurement Guide, Laminate

Geological Time Scale, Laminate