Goldenrod Galls

This investigation examines natural selection and coevolution using goldenrod (Solidago canadensis), its stem gall insect (Eurosta solidaginis), and associated parasites, parasitoids, and predators that feed upon the stem gall insect (i.e., Eurytoma obtusiventris, Eurytoma gigantea, Mordellistena unicolor, and birds). Through measurements of gall size and an investigation of events occurring within the galls, a correlation between gall size, frequency of predation, and type of predator can be made. An analysis of data tables charted from gall measurements and frequencies of various events leads to the conclusion that parasitic organisms select goldenrod galls within specific ranges of size. A statistical analysis using standard deviation and tests of reliability also lead to the conclusion that the forces of natural selection and coevolution are operating within this stem system.


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