Protein Synthesis and Words- Comet

mRNA is genetic information found in the nucleus of cells. Protein synthesis occurs in ribosomes found in the cytoplasm and on rough endoplasmic reticulum. If protein is to be synthesized, then the genetic information in the nucleus must be transferred to these ribosomes. This is done by mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid). It is very similar to DNA, but fundamentally differs in two ways:

  • A base called uracil replaces all thymine bases in mRNA.
  • The deoxyribose sugar in DNA in is replaced by ribose sugar in mRNA.

The purpose of this laboratory experience is to help students to learn or display understanding of the process of protein synthesis; to further understand the ability of DNA to code for proteins and therefore preserve the continuity of life within an organism/species.


Protein Synthesis and Words (Comet)