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3 Types of College-Friendship Networks

Article: Here Are the 3 Types of College-Friendship Networks In this article, Jesse Singal reflects on the works of Janice McCabe regarding college friendship networks. In McCabe’s analysis, she determined the three types of friendship networks: tight-knitter, compartmentalizer, and sampler. In a tight-knitter network,  there is typically only one tight-knit community, similar to a ball of […]

Understanding how emotions can spread articles throughout a social network Imagine opening up your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed and checking out what’s going on. A given front page might consist of status updates from friends, groups you belong to sharing invite links to events, or even articles and news being taken in through either sponsored content/advertising or (more interestingly) other people you are connected to sharing […]

Does an “echo chamber” of information impede flu vaccination for children? This year, nearly a third of parents surveyed in one national poll said they were not planning to get their child the flu vaccine. Those parents who declined to get their child vaccinated may have been exposed to a limited range of information. Depending on which sources that parents trust and turn to, inaccurate […]

Amazon searches filled with ads? Amazon has heavily taken to placing numerous advertising and sponsored posts in any given consumer search. This allows Amazon to make more money on top of the revenue it generates from its main purpose, selling and distributing goods to consumers. While ad revenue is not its biggest department, it is generating more and more […]

Tracking an epidemic requires computer models—but what if those models are wrong?

link: Laura Castanon’s article on epidemic tracking speaks on the use of computer models and how those can become inaccurate, due to the nature of social networks. More specifically, researchers are saying that “the number is never constant”, referring to the average number of new cases caused by each infected person. Castanon explains that the […]

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