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Midterm Elections Cascade It goes without saying that we’re currently experiencing a very unique political time. During such a time, we have seen many changes within our nation. Many conclude that changes in individual behavior and government participation are a result of events we are witnessing within the current administration. More specifically, the recent midterm elections saw […]

The Matthew Effect

Link: The Matthew Effect is a phenomenon in educational psychology that states that students who struggle to develop proper reading skills early on will do progressively worse on educational benchmarks. This is because students who fall behind in reading early will learn to hate reading, which will make them less motivated to try hard in […]

“The Rich Get Richer” in video games–cms-21892   The effects of power laws and “The Long Tail” can be seen throughout many different systems throughout the world. Many systems with a positive feedback loop can create an exponential distribution, which can be described by a power law. That is, if more of something creates more of itself, then its distribution […]

Network Effects in Health Information Exchange Growth

This article explored the network effects in HIE, or Healthcare Information Exchange. HIE is significant because it helps to increase healthcare quality and reduce costs and risks. The paper looked at the network effects between primary care physicians and specialists and how these effects factor into increasing their growth.   The researchers’ aim was to […]

How apple’s ecosystem creates network effects

This article talks about Networks effects, a topic well covered in this class. It explains what network effects are and how companies use them.  The article gives an overview of what network effects with this simple quote: “A product displays positive network effects when more usage of the product by any user increases the product’s value for other […]

Rich-Get-Richer in Academia This article explores how new ideas spread through different faculty and universities in academia. The research, done in University of Colorado Boulder, proposed that ideas and research from elite colleges spread the furthest, even when the quality of the research is not as high. This is a result of most faculty training in those […]

Competition and Network Effects The paper linked to above discusses how network effects and data harvesting don’t make companies as impervious to competition as some have claimed. The three “critical points” it makes towards proving this end are: network effects frequently indirectly benefit different groups by connecting them together, certain potential users are more valuable than others based […]

Network Diffusion of Anti-Vaccine Sentiment

The attached article details the rise of the anti-vaccine movement in recent years, specifically following a 1999 paper that linked vaccines to autism (which has since been disproven). More specifically, the article talks about how how anti-vaccine sentiment has grown due to social media. This can be tied into the larger hot button issue of […]

Bayes’ Theorem and False Alarms The attached article describes a situation regarding a carbon monoxide going off and the chances of it being a false alarm. Upon research, the author found that the chance of a false alarm is low, however the chance of a false alarm given a faulty detector is much higher. Then, the author gives more […]

Suppliers Preparing for Diffusion In this article, Yasaman Kazemi briefly comments on the evolving practices of large supply chains. Consumers expect their suppliers to deliver incredibly quick service. On the supply end, this “simple” task manifests itself as a slew technological innovations. Suppliers monitor every step of their supply chain on a digital network, use AI and machine […]

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