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Page Rank for Baidu

Baidu, as the largest and most widely-used search engine in China, doesn’t have a Pagerank System like Google does. However, in 2016, the company temporarily released a tool for SEOs, named “intimacy checker” (“度娘亲密度” in Chinese). With the tool, you can check how strong your websites stand in Baidu’s search result. 

According to Baidu’s official comments, Baidu does not have Page Rank system. However, they do have another system to evaluate websites’ quality. This system contains about 100 different grading criteria, and it is dynamic — the same website can receive different grades if graded based on difference standards or in different circumstances. 

The rating score ranges from 0 to 5, with an increment of 0.5. And given the comments above, the score is not always accurate and can vary in different cases.

Here’s the major letdown — unlike other pagerank tools available out there, you can only see grades for websites that have been verified in Baidu Webmaster Tools. This limitation greatly limits usefulness of this tool, but we think it’s still worth checking out for all your websites before the tool goes offline. The tool is likely only available temporarily — it’s a celebration activity for Baidu Webmaster Tools 5th anniversary after all.

The “intimacy checker” was not available for very long. And Baidu never really offered an entirely transparent way for people to see how exactly it filters their search results. Baidu does have their own algorithm for ranking. However, SEO in China is less meaningful as Baidu keeps up to first 8 left-column slots for ads and more organic search results are from Baidu’s own content networks. Not to mention the Ads and organic results look pretty much the same. In other words, SEO in China is a competition of who can win the under-the-fold position of SERP 1. There is a joke recently says “The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google.” The fact is “It is even better to hide the dead body anywhere in Baidu.” All the Ads and Baidu pages will bury it automatically.

The non-transparent algorithm has caused a lot of problem during the past few years. One of the major issue is that Baidu has sold a lot of ads position to hospitals that are not certificated. When people search for diseases, these unqualified hospitals’ names pop up first and there is no clear sign that indicates these results are just ads. A lot of patients are sent to these hospitals and got mistreated as result. People has long complaint about problems like this, but Baidu never really resolved it or gave any proper explanation.


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