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How Comcast and Disney are Using Auction Theory to Buy Sky This article discusses how blind auctions are used in company acquisitions. More specifically, a media company called Sky which has been valued at $36 billion is set to be acquired by either Comcast, Disney/Fox. Comcast and Disney will be bidding for Sky in an auction. The contest will run as follows: first, both companies […]

Explaining the price surge of older GT3s using Market Clearing Price

Sales debate: Will Porsche 996 GT3 values overtake 997s? In the past five years, model year 2003 of Porsche 911 GT3s seem to defy the common notion of used cars, where older generation cars will depreciate more than newer generation cars. Instead, the prices of older generation GT3s, the “996” generation, have appreciated and even […]

India’s Price Ceiling On Uber Rides Hurts Riders, Drivers And The Economy This article relates to the topic of Market Clearing Prices discussed in class. This article dives into the effects on riders and driver of surge pricing and ceiling prices set by the Indian Government. As we discovered in class, the market is in equilibrium when there is a balance in supply and demand. Improperly […]

Web 3.0?

While many of us in this course were too young to notice the transition from “The Web” to “Web 2.0”, what is being called “Web 3.0” might come and we may not even notice… or will we?   Knowing the students of this class, we may actually notice Web 3.0 at disproportionally high rates. This […]

PageRank and Facebook This article describes how networks of accounts and pages affect advertisement and fake news on Facebook. There is a lot of research on Search Engine Optimization and how Google reconfigures its algorithm to weed out people who manipulate SEO. However, there is a new term that has come about in recent years – Social […]

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