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How to bid at furniture auctions?

This article emphasizes how simple it is to decorate on a budget. Although buying designer furniture is too expensive at a normal market, auctions allow buyers to decorate their house with designer furniture at an affordable price. Senior Auctioneer mentions that the most important thing is to buy things in good condition with minor restorable damage and avoid bidding online. A reputable auction would only offer authentic pieces by licensed manufacturers. At West Norwood, in south London, Roseberys is amazing for high-quality bargains. One important sale happened when a Fifties cobalt velvet sofa and 2 armchairs, which was sold for only £600.

In addition to mentioning the benefits of buying designer furniture at auctions, the article also emphasizes where to buy furniture to get the greatest payoff. This article relates to the topics we are currently learning in class because the author talks about the benefits of buying furniture at an auction and ways to best maximize your payoffs. For example, the author highlights one buy on June 25th, a burgundy velvet sofa that cost almost £12,000 was sold for only £3,200. Here the payoff would be £8,800. Another example was given about how a sideboard that costs £420 was sold for  £400. Here the payoff is also positive. Therefore, this entire article basically speaks about the benefits of buying furniture at an auction and ways to maximize your profit. The article mentions some of the biggest furniture actions such as Chiswick Auctions, West Norwood Rosberys, The Cabinet Rooms, and many more. Overall, the article shined a new light into auctions and was relevant to the topics we are learning in class since it highlighted payoffs/profits at auctions and the where to place your bid to get the highest rewards.


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