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Devoid of Morals: Explaining Sexual Harassment with Game Theory

In the recent past, many celebrities have been found guilty of sexual harassment. This is partly because of the rise of female empower movements, encouraging women to speak up about their experiences. We can actually use game theory to trace through why someone would choose to report or not report their harasser. Keep mind that […]

Reddit and Networks

At first glance, Reddit appears to be a regular website that sells advertisement slots to advertisers like many other forms of social media. However, I want to focus on the other applications of our class within Reddit as there are several. The first being the main page presenting the most popular posts. Reddit uses a […]

A Mesh Network in Westworld  Warning Spoilers to follow. So at the end of season one of Westworld, the host have become self-aware and are coordinating with each other. Now what’s interesting is the fact that the hosts create something like a mesh network with each individual acts as a node. Because, hosts have a computer as a brain […]

Has Facebook Become Too Invasive?

source: During early April of this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called to a senate hearing to address the increasing concern regarding the breach of privacy for millions of Facebook users. Now known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it was supposed that the Trump administration hired a political firm, Cambridge Analytica, to gain private […]

Influencing network through partial incentives

ttps://   Further studying the network cascade effect from my previous blog post, I found this interesting paper about partial incentives, written by Erik D. Demaine. The topic of this paper is “How to influence people with partial incentives?” The topic seemed very relevant to what we are learning in class, because this idea of […]

HI putting a cap on surge pricing for Uber/Lyft

Honolulu lawmakers sent out a bill that really hit Uber and Lyft: limiting how much Uber, Lyft, and other on-demand services can charge during times of high demand. This bill, called Bill 35, targets surge pricing, where ride sharing prices usually sky-rocket. This came about as Navy Sailors were told ride-sharing would cost $224 compared […]

How the online business model encourages prejudice The article talks about the process of advertising on the web similarly to the way we learned about it in lecture, with a few key changes that make the advertising extremely biased. The unique factor in this advertising tactic is the personal information the ad companies are given when a user visits a website. […]

Information Cascades and Social Media

“In the age of 2018, tweets don’t just make national policy – they move markets.” Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that allows a single person to have an effect on hundreds to billions of people. Just one post by someone with a large number of followers can inspire market movements, protests, […]

“Fake News” Spreading like Wildfire as a result of Information Cascades In the recent years of the “information age,” social media giant Twitter has become one of the most common forms of news. Twitter has brought many benefits to the way mainstream society interacts with media. Information and news is now made more readily available, and each person has the whole twitter information network at […]

Google AdSense

How to Make Money on YouTube with Google AdSense “YouTubers” get paid by the number of advertisement views they get on the video. This is often substantially lower than the total views the video actually receives. However, not all videos posted on YouTube are eligible for payments. To become eligible, the user has to follow a […]

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