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Google vs. Microsoft Page Ranking

PageRank, an algorithm that rates the importance of web pages based on links from other important sites, is what made Google the famous search engine it is today. Even though Google is the top leader in search engines, Microsoft has a few suggestions that could top Google’s PageRank.

Microsoft’s approach to page ranking is called BrowseRank, an algorithm that rates the importance of web pages based on the user’s behavior on the site. Google’s PageRank is based on a graph that shows the connections between web pages, while Microsoft’s BrowseRank is a graph that is based on data of how people use a website. This data consists of several factors, such as the number of visits a page receives and the amount of time a user is on the page. A large number for each of these factors suggests a higher significance of a page.

In addition to creating its own page ranking algorithm, Microsoft points out the drawbacks of Google’s PageRank. For example, there is a loop hole in that people can increase the page rank of their website by creating link farms. These consist of pointless web pages that point to a website in order to increase its importance and appear higher in search results. Microsoft feels that this can lead to deceiving results and pages that are not relevant to the the search keywords. Instead, Microsoft argues that monitoring user behavior on websites is a better alternative. However, there is always room for improvement for both page ranking algorithms. It is even suggested that a combination of the two algorithms could prove to have better performance.

In the meantime, Google and Microsoft continue to research, develop, and update their current search engine algorithms. Google is trying to stay as the top search engine with its largest research team, continually finding ways to increase its performance. The company could face a large loss in advertisers as well as user traffic if another company produces an algorithm that returns more relevant results. It is certain that Google is not willing to take that risk and will do whatever it takes to stay as the top search engine.

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