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Factory Farms Holding Too Much Power in Terms of Network Exchange Theory It is surprising to see how powerful factory farms in the 21st century have become without most people realizing just how much of a monopoly factory farms have over the food we consume. Factory farms, also known as Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), have significantly negative impacts in many ways. To list just a few, factory […]

Fighting the Anomoly

Google has introduced a new tool for their PageRank algorithm: disavowing links. PageRank works by scoring sites based on the score of pages that link to it. In the past, this led to sites attempting Search Engine Optimization, or the practice of seeding blogs, forums, and other link hubs with spam. Since then Google has […]

Facebook Clickthrough Rates

As everyone is aware, social networking sites now carry tremendous influence, and supposedly, exposure on one of these websites—whether good or bad—can tremendously affect your business/blog’s traffic. Thus we can expect that websites like Facebook make a good deal of money from advertising revenue (Facebook supposedly making 85% of its revenue from advertising). In the […]

Klout: PageRank for people

Google’s PageRank was created to solve one of the most daunting problems faced by internet users in 1999: which websites have the greatest influence, and deserve the user’s attention? As we learned in class, Google solved this problem by creating an algorithm that calculated a website’s relevance by looking at the pages that linked to […]

Zynga and the Market Zynga, the social gaming company that has introduced popular games like Farmville and Scramble with Friends, has seen a marked increase in sales that brought up their shares by 15%, just after the company showed lower expectations for 2012 and lost over 75% of its market value this year. Furthermore, Zynga has announced a […]

Cornell’s Broken Windows

Consider an urban neighborhood where there are numerous broken windows. Theory states that the probability of additional crimes increase significantly due to the perception of a lack of monitoring of the location. In other words, if a potential criminal believes there is a greater chance of success in illegal acts she is more likely to […]

Takeover Bids and Trading

Recently, Canada’s government, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has rejected a $5.23 billion bid by Malaysia’s state oil company, Petroliam Nasional Bhd., a.k.a. Petronas, for Progress Energy Resources Corporation, a.k.a. Progress. The bid was reviewed under Canada’s foreign takeover law, in which such kind of transactions should result in a “net benefit” to Canada. […]

PageRank in Soccer Another real-life example of the advantages of the PageRank system, which we have used to give web pages ranks based on the number of other web pages that they link to, can be seen in a map of players on a soccer field. Pena and Touchette apply properties of web networks to analyze the relationships […]

Irish Horse Registry

The following article speaks on a organization called the Horse Sport Ireland. What they are seeking to do is to compile a list of people who can sell or facilitate the sale of Irish horses abroad. Recently there has been a large influx of people who want to buy these Irish horses, but they do […]

Baye’s Rule- A formula for justice

Named after Thomas Bayes, Baye’s Rule calculates the probability of an event A given an event B. It is often know as a way to calculate the changing probabilities of events given new and updating information. The rule is described by the formula: Pr[A/B]= (pr[A] x Pr[B/A])/Pr[B]. This formula states that the probability of even […]

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