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Irish Horse Registry

The following article speaks on a organization called the Horse Sport Ireland. What they are seeking to do is to compile a list of people who can sell or facilitate the sale of Irish horses abroad. Recently there has been a large influx of people who want to buy these Irish horses, but they do not have a system of matching sellers and buyers. Rather at this point in time they guide people to the public auctions of these horses. This system instead will help match sellers, trade facilitators, and buyers.

As we have learned in class there is often a system of buyers and sellers who go through a facilitator/trader of the sale. Both the seller and buyer needs to go through this trader. The item needs to go from the seller to the trader to the buyer. What we learned in class was there is a power struggle between the nodes of all three. Depending on who has only a single or multiple trader they can go through, the prices amount the trader can ask for varies heavily. If a trader hasĀ  monopoly with the sellers, they will be able to obtain the item at a very low cost, and if the trader has a monopoly with the trader they can ask for high prices. But what this registry will do is provide the Irish horse market with an influx of sellers and traders to the high amount of buyers in the market. This means the buyers will have multiple options of traders to deal with when buying a horse. This allows them to lower the prices they pay for their horses. On the seller side, because facilitators/traders are also being compiled, sellers have multiple options of traders to deal with. Sellers will then be able sell their goods to the traders for a more equal prices, due to the loss of trader monopolies. The only people negatively impacted in this registry system are the traders. Because there is going to be an influx of Irish horse traders, they no longer have monopolistic power to ask for any prices they want. The end result is that traders for Irish horses will obtain little to no profit for their services. Overall this registry will greatly how the selling and buying in the Irish horse market is run.



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