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Using PageRank to detect phishing websites

Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire protected or personal information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. Reports show that “at an absolute minimum, that [at least] $320 million is lost annually due to phishing scams”.[1] A recent paper [2] has been published that proposes a […]

Webpage Ad Slots in Mobile Advertising: Quality over Quantity?

Google is the second-most visited webpage in the world, so any advertiser will agree with the argument that paying for ads on Google would be beneficial, as nearly every internet user worldwide has the chance to view and click on the advertisement.  As a result, we should expect Google’s cost per click (the amount Google […]

Google’s Knowledge Graph

In class we learned how search engines work and the network they work in.  We learned search engines gather information from various sites and pages and ranks each web page based on its relevance and connectivity to the search and network.  The web pages with the highest scores are the first to show up under […]

Advertising on Youtube For this blog post, I decided to choose to talk about the above article, which deals Google Adsense. Aside from earning revenue from advertisements and search results from the Google search engine, Google also earns a decent amount of revenue from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is tied to Youtube. When Youtube members have a […]

Pinterest and its business model

As I was browsing through the news, I came across  this piece of  latest news regarding Pinterest  The news basically said that Pinterest has decided to drop its skimlink, an affiliate link that routes users to external pages which have potential/relevant information for current users. For those who are not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a […]

Effect of Information Cascades on the Presidential Election Less than two weeks from the election, the homepages of nearly all the major American news sources have been inundated with articles regarding the most recent poll results, and each candidate’s seeming endless source of advertising budget. The above article from NBC News specifically addresses early voting results in one of if not the […]

Network Effects in Sporting Events Attendance

The Cornell Men’s soccer team was undefeated and ranked 16th in the nation heading into its alumni weekend match against Yale. After winning two games over fall break, attendance at home games for the team has continued to rise, with the attendance for the game against Penn drawing 700 fans. Now the team is promoting […]

Google’s Falling Earnings

Earlier in October Google preemptively released its Q# 2012 earnings, which showed that its profits fell a whopping 20%, falling short of Wall Street expectations. Google’s stock price took a nosedive that day, and much of the decline can be attributed to rising costs and decreasing advertising prices, which is how Google earns the vast […]

Bayes’ Theorem: A Troubled History and Contested Present

Bayes’ Theorem is one of the most powerful formulas used in statistics today but that does not mean it is concurrently agreed upon by everyone nor has it always been generally accepted.  The article “The Mathematics of Changing Your Mind” describes the theorem’s beginning, growth, contention, and usage.  The ideas behind the theorem originated in […]

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