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Google+ adds Brand Pages

In their latest attempt to compete with Facebook at the internet’s leading social networking platform, Google announced the release of Google+ pages this past Monday. Since Google+ was in private beta this summer, Google+ brand pages have been a highly anticipated feature. Google+ pages are essentially Google+ profiles for brands, organizations, and companies. Similar to […]

Building on Existing Networks: Videoconferencing

In class, we discussed the concept of network effects, which explains that some new technologies are only useful is a certain portion of the population is willing to adopt.  Some classic examples include fax machines and text messages, both of which are to a single user unless others have also adopted the technology.  Furthermore, given […]

Being near the top really does matter

A topic in class that we have discussed in depth that has been of much interest to me are the concepts of clickthrough rates, revenues per slot for advertisements, and slot placements. Each slot offered by advertisers has a clickthrough rate, or the number of clicks per hour a slot will receive. Buyers also have […]

Information Cascade and the Stock Market Activity in the stock market is dependent on many different factors ranging from financial performance to rumors. In the past few years, the stock market has been plagued by periods of unprecedented volatility. Volatility provides a measurement of the amplitude of price fluctuations higher values of volatility correspond to a riskier market. In the […]

NY times: How a Bubble Stayed Under the Radar (Information Cascade)

Starting from late 2007, U.S. Economy headed into a recession, which still continues as of today.  No one knows when U.S. will step out of current recession, even though government and Federal reserve is trying there best with launching policies such as quantitative ease, operational twist, and recently targeting growth rate of nominal GDP.   The […]

The Conformity Cascade

Crowd Mentality has been a big topic in the area of psychology. People in masses tend to act differently than individuals. What is the reason behind this? Do people actually lose their personalities when surrounded by other people? Do they just blindly follow others? Are they too afraid to express what they really think? Or […]

The Blu-Ray battle – not as complicated as you may think

With the advent of high definition video over the last few years, many arguments surfaced pertaining to which platform users would choose. Two choices were readily available: Sony’s Blu-Ray or Toshiba’s HD DVD. When both platforms were initially released, consumers had a difficult time choosing between them – both offered high-quality video with minimal differences […]

Google Search isn’t the same anymore The field of search engine optimization is changing. No longer do search results contain only web pages, but now there are local map listings, personalized results based on your interests, and recommendations from other people. There are reviews from review sites, and even previews of the page content, allowing users to know immediately which […]

The FPS Showdown Within the last two weeks, two leading video games in the first person shooter (FPS) genre were released: they are Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (CoD: MW3) and Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 3 (BF3). Releasing these two games of the same genre within two weeks is no coincidence, because each of them […]

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