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Information Cascades in Social Media Networking In the present age, the sharing of information is dominated by internet traffic. More specifically, people frequently share information by reading what others are posting on media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and reddit, and posting according to what others have posted recently. This sort of information cascade acts like a filter for what information gets […]

Popular Games, Trends, and Information Cascades:

With each style and drinking game, there is a critical turning point decision that must be met by every individual to take part and support it. Take beer pong for example; a universally renown game that simply consists of some plastic cups, some beer, and ping pong balls. How did this game become so much […]

Information Cascade

Most economic news articles are centered around the European situation and I think that the following article can be related to the concept of information cascade: here. This article talks about emotional contagion (specifically fear) which is a great example of information cascade. Emotional contagion has to do with a specific feeling or emotion passing […]

Lemons sell out in Cuba

A recent article on the New York Times explores Cuba’s reintroduction to the used car market. This fall the Cuban government eased restrictions on cars allowing citizens to buy and sell used cars produced after 1959. In class we learned how in a market with asymmetric information and equal numbers of good, bad, and horrible […]

New Frontiers to Conquer for Social Networks Itunes has been the leader in music applications since its birth. It requires you to upload your music and store it on a hard drive of some sort. You can also buy a song and get it downloaded straight to your Itunes library for $0.99. This method was dominant until websites allowed streaming […]

What is it about those angry birds? A look at the “rich-get-richer” phenomenon

  As I watch my roommate play Angry Birds for hours a day, I find myself wondering, what is it about those silly birds that has made this game so popular, not only with my roommate, but around the world.  Angry Birds, a computer game that was first released in December 2009, has now reached […]

The Elite Cascade Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 recently set the record for the biggest entertainment launch of all time, with over $400 million in sales in the first 24 hours of its release. A significant amount of these sales were for the new Call of Duty Elite package, which sold over 600k instances. Elite give […]

The Rush Nightmare

In light of the upcoming rush week this spring, it’s only fair to take a look at some of the ways networks and information cascades can cause a self-confident girl to go into a tailspin of doubt and objectification. The rush process is anything but fun. Said self-confident girls will spend hours picking out the […]

OWS: A Big Information Cascade?

Occupy Wall Street is a group of activists protesting on behalf of the 99 percent against the 1 percent. The 1 percent refers to the haves such as banks, the mortgage industry, and the insurance industry. The 99 percent refers to the have-nots, or everyone else. On Sept. 17, 2011, this group began protesting in […]

Information Cascades and Conformity

In class, we discussed, mostly in terms of technological adoption, how information about technology spreads over a network and how signals about a product influence its adoption over a large group of people.  This concept relates directly with the concept of social pressure and conformity in crowds and the idea of “groupthink” or “following the […]

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