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Why didn’t Google Plus take off?

In class, we have learned a lot about information cascade and the adoption of new technologies by the public. We discussed the way that a new technology can hit one of 2 stable equilibrium. Additionally, we learned about the role that clusters play in the adoption of any new technology. Using this knowledge, we can […]

The Motion Control Cascade

Motion control took the technological and gaming world by storm when the Nintendo Wii was first released in 2006.  Initially seen as a gimmick and wasn’t anything revolutionary, the Wii captivated children, adults, and elders with their simplistic remote control approach to their controller with motion control capability.  It was to usher in a new […]

Information Cascade

Information cascade refers to a strange phenomenon where people tend to follow other people’s previous actions and decisions. In contemporary world, where social media like Facebook and Twitter prosper, information cascade plays even more significant roles by affecting larger and larger population. For instance, if a person makes a blog post on a particular product […]

Stop Online Piracy Act

Debate is currently raging over HR 3261, the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA). Internet titans such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, and Mozilla recently placed a full page ad in the New York Times arguing that it will “pose a serious risk to … innovation and job creation.” Conversely, the Business Software Alliance, which includes […]

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