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Page Rank: Quest for the Most Lucrative Internet Domains During the early 1990s, the internet gained widespread momentum. Today, it is one of the most ubiquitous and influential services of the 21st century.  With a few key strokes, users have access to infinite amounts of information quickly and easily.  Through the emergence of job search, travel, business search, music, entertainment and social networking […]

Information Casacade explains how Economic Bubble may occur

The failure to recognize the formation of the housing bubble is responsible for the recent economic turmoil in the US and around the world. Many experts and even Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve Bank, did not see it coming. Then one might wonder: Were these people stupid? No. One should take […]

Groupthink and Information Cascades

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs with a decision making group when members of the group succumb to group pressure and overlook reasonable thinking and judgement in the name of harmony. It occurs in situations where members ignore alternatives and have similar backgrounds which increases the propensity for them to all agree on a […]

Google Has PageRank? Facebook’s Got EdgeRank!

“[Your Friend’s Name] likes [Your Rival’s Name]’s post on his Wall.” “[Girlfriend’s Name] and [Random Guy’s Name] are now friends.” Eye-widening and curious information such as these pop up in the Facebook News Feed Sidebar with fresh and juicy news every few seconds as you surf Facebook. Have you ever noticed in the feeds how […]

Tarnished Penn State Reputation May Lead to Decreased Applications for Fall 2012

The recent sex scandal involving assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Joe Paterno, longtime head football coaching legend, was recently fired from his position, and many expect the quality of Penn State football to never be the same. Students at Penn State are now concerned with the value of their schools brand. Similarly to technology, […]

The Rich Get Richer in European Football

Spain’s La Liga is one of the highest profile top-flight leagues in European football (the sport Americans call soccer), composed of 20 club teams and involving millions of dollars. Increasingly, La Liga has become two-team affair, with the domination of Real Madrid C.F. and F.C. Barcelona virtually guaranteeing that one of the two will win […]

Cascading Occupation

The origin of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement can be traced to June 9th 2011 when a Canadian anti-consumerist magazine titled “Adbusters” registered the domain name About a month later, Adbusters demanded a peaceful demonstration on September 17th in which “20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and […]

Information Cascades in Financial Markets

A recent paper coauthored by faculty in the Department of Economics and ELSE from University College London, namely Antonio Guarino and Steffen Huck, offers insight to how the flow of information in financial markets fluctuates about equillibria that, if flows a little too far from the stability line, ends in chaotic and extremely different ending […]

Cascades: A Neurological Waterfall

In class, we have discussed information cascades and the meaning behind a series of stages in the processing chain of a signal where each operates the next in turn.  Knowledge of cascades has been applied to markets, financial systems, and the general decision making process of electing to accept or reject.  Can this knowledge be […]

Cable Cord Cutting: Is the Economy Really to Blame?

In the TIME Magazine article, “Gotta have cable: has the cord-cutting trend slowed down?”,  Brad Tuttle discusses possible reasons for  why hundreds of thousands of cable subscribers have closed their accounts. The most prevalent reason, he finds, is that the current economic situation has left many people too poor to cover their monthly bills; thus, […]

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