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Guess who the biggest minority group is: Not African Americans It seems like English is an optional skill you need for networking and being successful within the network in the United States anymore. The recent article from New York Times introduces three immigrant entrepreneurs who is running heir own successful multi-million dollar business with very limited proficiency of English. Felix Sanchez de la Vega […]

Power Law Distributions and the Blogging World

Power law distributions were explored in class in the context of applying to the web as a whole, as well as other areas such as music and literature, with different exponents in the denominator modeling the exact popularity distributions. Power law distributions are good modeling tools for many areas such as these, and additionally, subsections […]

NY Times R&D Lab: Project Cascade

The NY Times R&D Lab has created a new tool that explores how information propagates in social media space. The project is titled Cascade, and its purpose is to analyze the social sharing of news through real time data.  What it does is it creates a time based representation of the NY Time’s news content […]

XBOX – PS3 – Community

PS3 and XBOX360… Most gamers have one or the other. The Wii exists but is not considered in this model. So, essentially, I want to discuss the reasons that people choose one or the other. The following article lists sales for the consoles in different regions of the world: According to these stats, the […]

The Challenges of Starting up a New Internet Venture

Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation With the internet becoming more readily available and the rise of the use of smartphones, many companies and new services have taken advantage of this new wave of technology. Many business models have been able to outreach to a larger population and the instantaneous spread of information allows […]

Network Dynamics in Industry Attire

Years ago, we may never have imagined going to a job in anything other than the standard “business professional” attire. As the ever-surviving remnant of the past, the standard international business suit has remained the expected clothing for 150 years, with only some slight alterations in design. The current generations, however, have lived to see […]

The Connected Network

In today’s highly connected world, the spread of information through social networks can cause vast networks of people to be exposed to ideas that may prompt them to make decisions based on the decisions of others within their network. As others in the network adopt new ideas, members in the network may also adopt the […]

Image Recognition and Web Search

Life in the 21st century gives us wonderful new technology that allows us to shorten our attention spans and lower our persistence and determination for fact finding. If I don’t know something, I google it. If I don’t find what I’m looking for within a half a page of Google’s intelligently determined link list, I […]

Is Global Warming Real? According to a 2010 report published by Yale University, only 63% of American believe global warming is actually happening. Although there has been much debate in the scientific community regarding the rate of global warming, the fact that global warming has had a measurable effect on our climate is generally agreed upon by […]

The NFL Draft – Auction Style

With the current structure of the NFL Draft, each of the 32 teams pick 1 player per round for 7 rounds, with the order of picks occurring in reverse order of the previous season’s performance. This is supposed to add parity to the league by allowing for the worst teams to get the players who […]

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